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IMPORTANT: I have heard that this addon doesn't work anymore in 8.0+ However, I have stopped playing WoW since the Broken Shore and I can't muster the motivation to log into an account to try to figure this out. If someone wants to pickup this project, feel free to do so.


No more waiting on that 3 minutes "Revive Battle Pets" cooldown on login with this very lightweight addon that revives Battle Pets on logging out and exiting the game!

Auto Revive Battle Pets Game Menu

Known caveats

It's impossible to actually replace buttons inside the game menu, but one can make use of trickery and overlay a new button on top of it. However, as the addon uses relative positioning and always loads first due to it's weight, other addons that moves around the content of the game menu may produce wierd results. The fix is to manually add said addons to the OptionalDeps in AutoReviveBattlePet.toc and report them in a ticket so that I can officially support them.

Supported addons:

  • NeverExit