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- Now restocks items with random suffixes
- Now restocks items as soon as you press enter when changing restocking number on the main window while bank is open
- Reduced chat-spam when changing profiles at the bank.

- Added login message setting

- Fixed the "Restock from bank" checkbox resetting each time the addon loaded
- New experimental banking operation (should be way faster).

- Holding shift will now prevent the addon from doing its thing when opening bank/merchant
- Now buys the right amount of reagents based on if you have any in your bags or not

- Fixed addon continuing to grab stuff from bags / bank when there are no empty slots, will now stop when error comes up saying bags or bank is full.

- Fixed a bug when switching profiles while merchant window was open causing the addon to sell all items set to 0.

- Now allows shiftclicking and dragging items into textfield.

- Housekeeping and hopefully some improvements where the addon wasn't buying everything the first time you talked to a vendor.
    - This could also be because of how the game handles getting item info and if the item isn't cached then you have to wait for the server to send the data.

- Updated event driven restocking from bank to a OnUpdate script.

- Updated the logic regarding poisons and minimum supply.
  - Now checks if you have poisons in the bank, if you don't it will buy the needed amount of reagents every time to get to the cap.
  - If you do have poisons in the bank then it will only buy poison reagents if you are below 50% of your set amount (up to the cap).
  - By far the easiest thing to do in regards to this is to just craft a lot of poisons and store them in your bank and making a habit of visiting the bank to restock on already crafted poisons.
  - The change was made to make it easier for rogues still leveling to use this to restock on poison supplies when they visit a vendor but perhaps only missing ~30% of them.

- Removed the delay between opening 2 merchant windows. This was put in place to prevent the addon from buying basically double the amount of reagents because you closed the window to fast and reopened it. Inadvertantly it made automatic restocking from multiple vendors take longer so it's now been removed.

- Added a "Restocker finished restocking from vendor." message to indicate that you can now close the merchant window.
- Added a "Restocker finished restocking from bank." message.

- Finally fixed restocking from bank without getting an error about "Couldn't split those items".

- Added small delay (2 sec) before autobuying again to prevent accidental over-stocking.

- Fixed lua error

- Just a quick polish

- More fixing the annoying "Couldn't split those items" error

- Fixed deletion bug

- Fixed annoying "Couldn't split item" error when restocking from bank.

- Bumped interface version to 1.13.3

- Fixed lua error when buying poison reagents

- Added interface options panel
  - /rs config or using the interface options and going to Restocker
- Added toggles for autoshowing frame when visiting bank/vendor
- Added profiles creating/deletion to options panel

- Higher frame strata, should now not clip with other windows
- Fixed addon saving position between reloads/logouts
- Fixed autoclose when bank window closes

- Implemented profiles
  - use "/rs profiles" for more information on how to add/delete/copy/rename profiles
  - switching profiles is done with the dropdown on the addon frame
  - addon frame now shows when talking to bank and merchant for easy switching of profiles

- Preimplementation of profiles

- Will now put excess stock into bank

- Rewrote the entire addon and did a lot of housekeeping
- Should now be more stable
- Now supports adding ANY item via itemID
  - Items added by name still need to be cached by your game.
- Will now traverse the bankframe in reverse order (from the back).
  - What this basically accomplishes is better order in the bankframe where items get grabbed from the back first.

- Attempt to fix initialization issues

- Attempt to fix various lua errors

- Added manual changelog and package handlers

- Attempt to fix various bugs

- Updated bank restocking, slightly slower but far more accurate and reliable
- No longer restocks poison reagents from bank
- Removed summary of what was restocked from bank (it bugged out super hard and were reporting numbers twice or three times higher than they should be)

- Added scroll frame
- Added summary of what items were restocked when restocking from bank (vendor already does this because you see what you bought)

- Fixed lua error when restocking from bank

- Fixed lua error

- Added support for restocking from bank.
  - Poisons are supported but could be super bugged (i dont personally restock from bank so hard for me to think of all different situations)

- Fixed issue that appeard when number was prefixed with a 0. Now automatically deletes a leading 0 from numbers.

- Now supports Poisons and will auto restock the reagents.
- Added field for the minimum amount of missing poisons before the addon restocks on the reagents (to avoid restocking for 1 poison)

- Extended input box to accommodate for four digit numbers.

- Updated logics for faster restocking
- Now buys multiple stacks if amount is above a stacksize
- Updated login message with instructions on how to open the window