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This is small addon for mark target using a command.

Note: By default marker is "White Skull"


Main command works in group and raid only and if your group role is "Tank" or "Main Tank" in the raid:



For only solo play use the command:



For any (solo, group, raid and does not check your group role) use: 



Simple solution add it command to the attack macro, and your group will always see your are current target.

For example:

#showtooltip Charge
/cast Charge


Also may use another marker:
  • Yellow 4-point Star
    /automarktarget star


  • Orange Circle
    /automarktarget circle


  • Purple Diamond
    /automarktarget diamond


  • Green Triangle
    /automarktarget triangle


  • White Crescent Moon
    /automarktarget moon


  • Blue Square
    /automarktarget square


  • Red "X" Cross
    /automarktarget cross