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AutoAcceptEnchantReplace is a mod that is used to automate power leveling enchanting by removing the need to hit Accept when you are replacing an enchant on an item with the same enchant.

How it works

If you are applying an enchant onto an item that already has that very same enchant on it the mod will suppress the "Do you want to replace ..." so that you can easily power level up enchanting.

Recommended Usage

It is recommended that this mod be used in conjunction with another mod that will allow you to queue up multiple enchants. This will allow you to power level up your enchanting in no time.


Unfortunately the core function that this mod uses is a Protected Function in some circumstances, therefore this mod cannot be used to handle auto accepting replacements of 'Imbue Enhancements'. Imbue Enhancements refer to a temporary enchant that can be added to equipment (ie Rogue poisons, weight / sharpening stones and Wizard Oil).