• Contains a list of all openable item ids currently in the game (as of 10.2)
  • Feature to turn auto-opening on/off while you're in combat
  • By default, all locked containers are being ignored. This can be changed in the options
  • All chat notifications are turned off by default. Also changeable in the options
  • Quickly customize the list of containers you want to be opened automatically
  • Launcher icon supports data broker addons like Titanpanel
  • Similar addons might automatically sell some items to a vendor, which has cost me a few gray hairs in the past. This one never does.
  • Disable auto-loot while mission table is shown to not interfere with other addons
  • Updated to work with Dragonflight, including all the new openables


This is a fork from the original, as seen here: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/auto-open-anything It was no longer being updated so I went ahead and fixed up the error and added in the new items


As of right now, I do not know a way on how to open these with Lua code. I recommend making a macro that contains an ability you often use during farming (Like casting a fishing line) and adding a line like /use <clam name> to it. This will open a clam whenever you have one and press the button. It's a bit dirty, but it'll work, sorry that I couldn't get it to work inside the add-on.

Thank you all for your continued support!


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