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Auto Loot Assist enables auto loot for loot windows generated by the following skills:

  • Rogue: Pick Pocket
  • Professions: Disenchant, Milling, Prospecting, Fishing


To avoid confusion, here's a little check list:


1. What kind of looter are you?

  • auto looter: You use WoW auto loot. This won't change anything for you. -> You don't need this addon.
  • manual looter: You don't use WoW auto loot because you want to inspect your loot before putting it into your inventory. -> You propably shouldn't use this addon, but proceed to question 2 to be sure.
  • shift-looter: WoW auto loot is disabled, but for most of the time you auto loot by clicking shift (or alt/ctrl depending on your setting). -> You're on the right way and it leads to the next question.


2. What about your toon?

  • You play a rogue and you like to pick your enemies' pockets quickly. -> You can do so now!
  • You are an enchanter/scribe/jewelcrafter/fisherman, and you are annoyed of having to loot every single item when disenchanting/milling/prospecting/fishing. -> This addon was made for you.