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Filename AudioQs
Uploaded by Breadst1cks
Uploaded Dec 16, 2019
Game Version 8.2.5
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MD5 f961a008daef450e558eee0d5d7e9e86
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AudioQs Version 1.1.2
- Removed some informational debug text from GPS Ext


AudioQs Version 1.1.1

-- GPS Extension added -- "/aq load gps" to load
- Informs player if they have left the resurrection zone of a spirit healer while in ghost-form (e.g. in battlegrounds)
- Informs the player if they have been offered a resurrection.
- Calls out the direction the player is facing upon pressing keybind ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+C. (Currently key will not be bound if already bound)


-- Various other fixes and improvements