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Uploaded by Breadst1cks
Uploaded Sep 26, 2019
Game Version 8.2.5
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Version 1.0.1

-- Set AudioQs to WoW Version 8.2.5


-- HealthMonitor - Fixed callouts after reload during raids

- HealthMonitor will now immediately begin calling out lowest health raid members after a UI reload, without needing a player to join/leave the raid, or change raid group number.


-- KillingBlow Extension

- Added an extension to play a sound when you land a killing blow on another player.
- Load via the chat command "/aq load killingblow".
- Extension is experimental. Uses the Combat Log chat tab for it's kill-detection (more reliable and not as prone to missing killing blows than the regular method, but causes the combat log chat tab to constantly refresh). Please click on the "Combat Log" chat tab, then click "My Actions", then return to the chat, usually "General" tab.

- All killing blows (including NPCs) can be tracked by changing the variable on line:16 of AudioQs/Extensions/KillingBlow.lua.
- The sound file can be changed to another file inside your addons folder by changing the variable on line:13 of AudioQs/Extensions/KillingBlow.lua.