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Uploaded Jun 9, 2019
Game Version 8.1.5
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AudioQs Version 0.4.3


-- "extras" Extensions

- Added.

- Currently just tracks gladiator's medallion. Will also in future track Adaptation and advise of clock-wise facing direction when respawning at a graveyard. Helps blind players to understand which graveyard they were given sometimes.


-- "restorationshaman" Extension

- Added.

- Tracks all Restoration Shaman cooldowns.


-- "holypaladin" Extension

- Added.

- Tracks all Holy Paladin cooldowns.


-- "mistweaver" Extension

- Added.

- Tracks all standard and most talentable Mistweaver Monk cooldowns.


- (Hotfix) Cooldowns with charges--such as Swiftment and Healing Stream Totem--will no longer call out when logging in or changing instances (Holy Paladin with [Blessed Hands] may still do it, pending the hotfix/full fix on them).