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Uploaded May 3, 2010
Game Version 3.3.3
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See the Complete Change Log via http://Fisheye.Norganna.Org , specifically, http://Fisheye.Norganna.Org/changelog/Auctioneer/trunk .

We are pleased to release Auctioneer and Auctioneer Suite 5.8, the CreepyKangaroo, which is fully compatible with World of Warcraft 3.3.x.
Roughly 150 changes, fixes, and, or, enhancements by our volunteer staff this time. Most of the work was done to background processing, to provide an even more stable, more enjoyable experience.
All of our people put in numerous hours of their time to help ensure that the Auctioneer Suite remains the most-used Auction House and general item data set of AddOns.
No one real “star” this time, but when you work with such a bright group, it is often hard to have to pick just one, anyway! Thank you to everyone who has coded, tested, documented, and hung out; without you, what would be the point, right? =)
As shown in the “Current commits (changes, enhancements, fixes)” subsection, there are numerous other fixes, enhancements, and more. Be sure to check them out!
* Please be sure to read and follow http://Wiki.Norganna.Org/Installing when upgrading your installation.
** There have been a few changes this time, so a full remove/reinstall is recommended.
** Be sure that the Auc-Util-FixAH module is installed and has a gold checkmark next to its entry in the main WoW AddOns Control Panel. That helps to prevent two issues that were introduced and not fixed by Blizzard as of this writing.
* All of the very latest http://Localizer.Norganna.Org language string updates have been imported and will be displayed in your localized client.
** We are continually in need of help localizing the ongoing changes to Auctioneer, BeanCounter, Enchantrix, Informant, and the other AddOns listed at http://Localizer.Norganna.Org .
** "Registering" takes only moments and you can be on your way... it is quite simple. Even if you only have the time/inclination to help with a few translations, that will be better than what we have now for some of the locales.
** Before starting, kindly take a look at for some basic thoughts.
Happy Auctioneering,
Nikk and the rest of the family at Norganna’s AddOns

* Numerous enhancements Suite-wide to increase processing speed, efficiency, stability, and more. (Those using Auctioneer’s scanning, data, or other functions/information should double-check to ensure there AddOns/scripts are not affected.)
* If an auction cannot be posted due to lack of bag space to split a stack, Auctioneer will attempt to post all other auctions in the queue (in an attempt to provide a free slot) before retrying the first auction again.
* Auctioneer can now query the WoW Client directly for vendor sales prices when Informant is not installed.
* If a user has chosen to redirect Auctioneer messages to a different chat frame, that now is based on the name of the frame, rather than the number. This will ensure that the redirect always goes to the “Auctioneer Information” channel on all Characters.
* New option added to allow users to choose whether to clear the posting queue when the Auction House frame is closed.
* Status of Auction House data clarified, such as the “Not seen in current scan, data is <X> old”.
* Nearly a complete overhaul by the Kandoko.
** Added an option to auto-sell grey items, green items, BOP’s that are not useable, et cetera, all without being prompted.
** When auto-selling, there is an option to halt vendoring after twelve items have been sold to allow the user to buyback any accidental sales.
** The mail auto-loader should now function correctly across all locales.
** Configuration window and options rearranged in a more logical order.
* GlypherPost added to the Suite; it allows Scribes to easily *and smartly* post their wares. For more, see .
* Added slash command to toggle "hardminstock" flag. Since it is more of a niche setting, it is not included in the GUI settings.
* New Auc-Util-ScanStart module added to the Auctioneer Suite. This new module allows you to select various options when you start a scan; for more, see .
* Many background changes to help lessen the chance for errors when purchasing.
* Changes made to the algorithm to help correctly record all Auction House messages; this is true even when using a “mail AddOn”. **Note that there may be issues if a user posts with an AddOn that utilizes the new multi-post capability. Once that is added to Auctioneer, BeanCounter will be updated to accommodate those item.
* Added the ability to right-click the BeanCounter tab, while at the Auction House, to open the external BeanCounter window.
* Users running WoW under Linux, who have had issues with being disconnected when the mailbox is opened, can now change the settings to obtain the best results. Options > Debug > Adjust the mail header delay slider.
* Canceled auctions will now be tracked to allow users to see which items they should consider posting at a lower beginning cost, rather than wasting time/cash cancelling and re-posting.
* BeanCounter will now record disenchant results, including what the item DEs into, how many, and the estimated value of the mats.
* Option added to enable auto-looting of manual disenchants, prospects and milling.
* Added Adamantite and Titanium powders to the reverse prospect list.
* All data updated for WoW 3.3.3.
*Sell to vendor pricing has been removed, and Informant now passes the request for pricing to the WoW Client, resulting in a smaller DB.

Current commits (changes, enhancements, fixes):
Revision: 4720 Completes [ASER-265] Modification in RealTimeSearch ready for future changes to CoreBuy
Revision: 4719 Fixes [APPR-297] Appraiser: minor correction to checks when posting
Revision: 4718 Completes [GLYPH-31] fixes guild vault for datastore change
Revision: 4715 Completes [INF-79] Data reprocessed after fixing the source data to conform to the expected format,
Revision: 4712 Continues [BCNT-292] Simplifies and cleans up the Disenchant event monitoring code. Uses the itemLock change event to simply get the DE item.
Revision: 4710 Fixes [BCNT-242] removes print("?")
Revision: 4709 Fixes [BCNT-242] corrects error with not unhiding mail frame. I hate the conflict resolution in tortoise SVN I always miss some bit of code when resolving them. :P
Revision: 4708 Fixes [BCNT-242] minor tweak to make function more future proof
Revision: 4706 Fixes [BCNT-242] Adds a read mail check that will allow BeanCounter to still know what it needs to add to the database, regardless if another AddOn reads the mail first.
This will allow compatibility with other AddOns that read mail such as Altoholic without need for timers, hooks, or workarounds between AddOns.
Revision: 4705 Fixes [BCNT-298] Corrects logic in gold, item removal blocking hooks always stop mail removal when we are reading the mail.
Revision: 4704 Ends [BCNT-289] Reverts all changes/coroutine additions made in reversions 4603, 4605, 4613. The coroutine was too unreliable to be the main function. May be spun off into a testing branch for further work.
Revision: 4703 Completes [INF-78] Data updated for 3.3.3
Revision: 4701 Implements [ADV-546] <developer> Adds new lib function AucAdvanced.Scan.CreateQuerySig
Revision: 4700 Fixes [ADV-527] Prior commits had function parameters in the wrong order.
Revision: 4699 Fixes [ADV-527] Prior commits had function parameters in the wrong order.
Revision: 4695 Temp fix for [BCNT-295] Temp patch to change the new 1,2,3 auction duration variable into the 720, 1440, 2880 values the rest of beancounter expects.
Revision: 4694 Fixes [ADV-542] Changes CorePost.lua to use the new duration variables added in WOW patch 3.3 1 = 12, 2 = 24, 3 = 48. CorePost.lua will check and correct the durations that are passed in the legacy 720, 1440, 2880 method.
Revision: 4693 Fixes [ADV-539] <developer> Corrects a small calculation error in the GetDepositCost function.
Revision: 4692 Fixes [SMPL-43] SimpleAuction display should now get correctly updated after scans
Revision: 4691 Completes [ADV-538] Deposit Costs will now be available even if Informant isn't loaded.
Revision: 4690 Updates [ADV-283] <developer> Adds Deprecation alert to the top of AucAdvanced.Scan.GetScanData
Revision: 4689 Completes [SDAT-18] <developer> Adds chat feedback and a "scanstats" message to the new ClearScanData function.
Revision: 4688 Fixes [SMPL-42] <developer> Patches an error in SimpleAuction when using the new CoreScan ClearScanData function.
Revision: 4687 Implements [ADV-537] CorePost: Adds extra checks before trying to post, to detect un-auctionable items sooner.
Revision: 4686 Fixes [ADV-536] Should fix CoreScan error when skilling up on some non-English clients, particularly deDE.
Revision: 4685 Completes [ADV-535] <internal> CoreScan QueryImage caches are now cleared via "scanstats" Processor message.
Revision: 4684 Updates [ADV-295] <internal> CoreBuy: Reorganizes parameter validation for QueueBuy and uses stricter checks in FinishedSearch.
Revision: 4683 Continues [BCNT-289] remove "Terminate" print statement
Revision: 4682 Continues [BCNT-292] Fixes nil error if server has not seen a enchant mat since restart.
Revision: 4681 Starts [BCNT-294] removes print()
Revision: 4680 Starts [BCNT-294] adds changes to PostMonitor.lua to handle the new multi auction features added in patch 3.3.3. We have a small shim to allow it to work in 3.3.2 as well since the values used for stack size have changed. We will use the "AUCTION_MULTISELL_UPDATE" event to properly queue up multiauctions.
Revision: 4679 Updates [ADV-496] <internal> CoreBuy: Reorganise processing of scan query parameters used by PushSearch
Revision: 4677 Completes [GLYPH-28] Make milling probability static.
Revision: 4676 Completes [GLYPH-6] Check for ClearQueue before calling it. Advise user to use Lilsparky's clone if not present.
Revision: 4675 Updates [ADV-496] <internal> Improvements to event handlers plus other minor tweaks
Revision: 4674 Completes [ADV-534] Fixes intermittent bug in QueryImage caused by reusing tables.
Revision: 4673 Updates [ADV-509] Installs AucAdvanced.Scan.ClearScanData function when Auc-ScanData is loaded
Revision: 4672 Updates [SDAT-16] <internal> Tweak to a recently added Auc-ScanData function
Revision: 4671 Finishes [AAMU-83] Reword options and rearranged for better sensibility of what option affects what.
Revision: 4670 Updates [ADV-365] Adds latest localizations to Auc and modules.
Revision: 4669 Updates [ADV-365] Adds latest localizations to Auc and modules.
Revision: 4668 Continues [AAMU-83] removal of accidental file commit
Revision: 4667 Adds [AAMU-83] Add options to allow/disallow prompts and autosell for each class automagic handles. gray, sell list, SearchUI reason, BOP. Options window still needs some rework, phases need to be added to localizer.
Revision: 4666 Adds [AAMU-83] Add options to allow/disallow prompts and autosell for each class automagic handles. gray, sell list, SearchUI reason, BOP. Options window still needs some rework, phases need to be added to localizer.
Revision: 4665 Fix more of [INF-77] - scrub the local update list at login to remove duplicate merchant ids
Revision: 4664 Fixing [INF-77] -- check for vendor ids on our list before adding them to the list, so we don't get duplicates
Revision: 4663 Starts [BCNT-292] Continues DE monitoring ability. Checks that we have the deMat, quan, and a profit before using string.join Disables the "waiting on next" state. Has issues when mail removal and DE occurs at same time
Revision: 4662 Adds [AAMU-131] Use our own sort method for scrollframes so itemlinks are properly grouped by color then name.
Revision: 4661 Adds [AAMU-130] Option to stop vendoring items after 12 items have been sold. This allows the user to have a chance to buyback an accidental sale.
Revision: 4660 Updates [SDAT-16][ADV-509] <internal> Moves processing of GetScanData function and general ScanData database maintenance out to Auc-ScanData. See jiras.
Revision: 4659 Updates [ADV-365] Adds latest localizations to Auc and modules. primarily ruRU updates.
Revision: 4658 Starts [AAMU-112] Adds option to add soulbound gear that is not usable by your class to the Vendor prompt window. This will only add green level or lower gear.
Revision: 4657 Adds [AAMU-83] Add an option to allow grey items and items on the sell list to be sold without prompt. We will then prompt for any reason tagged items, since tags are not always exact.
Revision: 4656 Fixes [AAMU-127] Adds lvl 80 epic gems from prospecting to AAMU mail button.
Revision: 4655 Fixes [AAMU-97] Automagic will refresh the vendor list whenever any change happens to the players bag. This should prevent selling items that have switched bag slots with an item to be vendored.
Revision: 4654 Updates [ADV-283] Minor <internal> changes relating to loading ScanData
Revision: 4653 Updates [ADV-283] CoreScan: <internal> changes to GetScanData (see ticket) and adds LoadScanData function
Revision: 4652 Fixes [ADV-532] <internal> Adds parameter checking for SplitServerKey function
Revision: 4651 Updates [ADV-283] <developer> Makes GetImageCopy available in AucAdvanced.API
Revision: 4650 Fixes [ADV-531] <internal> GetNextID/BuildIDList will now properly reuse low IDs
Revision: 4649 Starts [BCNT-292] Continues DE monitoring ability. Removes debug spam, changes event processor slightly, when we start DE one item before the previous item has cleared the bags, we may miss the DE.
Revision: 4648 Starts [BCNT-292] Add ability to watch for DE events; when a user Disenchants an item look up the item and records what the item DEd into, how many, and the estimated value of the mats.
This will be stored in the "meta" data field |DE:XXXX:XX:XXXX| This will be displayed the reason field of the BeanCounter GUI. It can also be used when calculating the profit on Bid/bought items
Revision: 4647 Fixes [SPRG-12] -- Resolves problems from prior code change collisions that were poorly resolved. Parameters now match text.
Revision: 4646 Completes [SDAT-17] <internal> Reworks Auc-ScanData for recent CoreScan changes.
Revision: 4645 Completes [ADV-524] Fixes various errors/problems where a GetAll scan gets interrupted or cancelled.
Revision: 4644 Updates [ADV-524] <internal> Preliminary changes and groundwork for this issue.
Revision: 4641 Completes MISC-76 Addition of GlyperPost and ScanStart and removal of Stat-Classic from the Build Script. Added BCNT to the AucSuite blurb.
Revision: 4639 Completes [ADV-527] Button now causes a scan over classic selection of types, subtypes, and slot location. While tying into the classic interface, it does not use the highlighting from the auc-util-scanbutton mod.
Revision: 4638 Starts [ADV-527] Scan button now allows for partial scans over whatever is highlighted (whether classic or this mods highlighting)
Revision: 4637 Fixes [ADV-342] An extra file was included in initial commit. Terrible when svn messes up.
Revision: 4636 Fixes [ADV-342] We have scan start events!
Revision: 4635 One more time...
Revision: 4634 Initial folder creation for Auc-Util-ScanStart.
Revision: 4633 Fixes [INF-76] Add some safety for nil stack counts
Revision: 4632 Fixes [ENX-125] Add adamantite and titanium powders to the reverse prospect list
Revision: 4631 Starts [ADV-443] Uses some of the new variables shown by core scanner modifications.
Revision: 4630 Fixes [ADV-379] Shutdown now works. Uses new API from Scanner to ensure actions only occur for Full scans and only when it completes.
Revision: 4629 Continues [ADV-283,ADV-509] Ensure consistency between start methods while making sure Scan.Private is not used. This module calls Scan.ScanStart now including the type and subtype options specified. Also allows Partial scans to be done without CompactUI (Ctrl-clicking) or command line.
Revision: 4628 Continues [ADV-283,ADV-509] Ensure consistency between start methods while making sure Scan.Private is not used. This module calls Scan.ScanStart now including the type and subtype options specified. Also allows Partial scans to be done without CompactUI (Ctrl-clicking) or command line.
Revision: 4627 Starts [ADV-342,ADV-448,ADV-466,ADV-509,ADV-283] Work on the scan engine to improve speed and robustness of the scanner.
Revision: 4626 Fixes [PURC-20] Redoes code that was commented out for "review". Code should be there.
Revision: 4625 Fixes [ADV-523] <internal> Ensures Commit always sets the isScanning flag to false.
Revision: 4624 Fixes [GLYPH-29] Localized variables to avoid pollution.
Revision: 4623 Completes [GLYPH-29] Initial commit of Auc-Util-GlypherPost
Revision: 4622 Adding Glpher-Post to the Trunk.
Revision: 4621 Updates [ADV-509] <internal> Ongoing changes to GetScanData
Revision: 4620 Completes [ASER-260] <internal> SearchUI coroutine uses new GetImageCopy function
Revision: 4619 Updates [ADV-283] <developer> CoreScan now exports a GetImageCopy(serverKey) function
Revision: 4618 [ADV-365] Localizer strings update. [APPR-235] Minor cosmetic change in Appraiser "Not seen in current scan" message.
Revision: 4616 [BCNT-291][BCNT-217] When browsing from the AH frame right click to open the beancounter external window.
Revision: 4615 Continues [BCNT-217] Adds latest localizer strings as of 1-12-10
Revision: 4614 Starts [BCNT-290] Adds tracking of cancelled auctions to beancounter. Canceled auctions will be treated the same as failed auctions in all calculations. They will display as orange in the beancounter search results window.
Revision: 4613 [BCNT-289] Quick patch-fix for "cannot resume non-suspended coroutine" in BeanCounter
Revision: 4612 Fixes [ADV-522] Should fix intermittent "cannot resume non-suspended coroutine" error from the scanning engine.
Revision: 4611 Completes [ILVL-22] <internal> Reworks Stat-iLevel for recent changes in CoreConst
Revision: 4610 Completes [ASER-259] <internal> Reworks SearchUI for recent CoreConst changes
Revision: 4609 Completes [ADV-521] <developer> Improvements to AddOn-loaded messages
Revision: 4608 Updates [ADV-468] <internal> CorePost: minor tweaks and code cleanup.
Revision: 4607 Completes [ADB-21] Bump toc X-Revision for autoupdater
Revision: 4606 Starts [ADB-21] Adjust AucDb to accept new base data file format
Revision: 4605 Continues [BCNT-289] tweaks function hook workaround to try and avoid coroutine error.
Revision: 4604 Continues [BCNT-289] tweaks layout of Debug controls.
Revision: 4603 Starts [BCNT-289] Adds possible workaround for users who WOW client crashes when checking the mailbox. To activate Options > Debug > Adjust the mail header delay slider. Could lead to missed mail if other addons interfere with the mailbox.
Revision: 4602 Fixes [APPR-235] Adds "Not seen in current scan" to the "Data is X old" message, when appropriate.
Revision: 4601 Updates [ADV-283] <developer> adds AucAdvanced.Scan.GetScanStats function, and clones it to AucAdvanced.API too.
Revision: 4600 Fixes [AAMU-126] Adds a itemID table of herbs so the herb mail button will work on non english locales. Adds Fire Leaf as a herb.
Revision: 4599 Fixes [ADV-519] again - fixes another cause of infinite loops when trying to buy an auction that is no longer on the Auctionhouse
Revision: 4598 Fixes [ADV-313] Searches and scans restricted to a particular inventory slot should now get processed correctly. This applies to scans restricted to, for example, items that go in the Head slot.
Revision: 4597 Finishes [AAMU-128] Changes Remove Item, Ignore Item, Un-Ignore Item buttons to simply say Remove, Ignore, Un-Ignore
Revision: 4596 Fixes [ASER-254] Moves the % (PCT) column and the SearchUI scrollframe to use the "style" system provided by Configator. Should solve issues with Nil compared to number errors when price level does not return results.
Revision: 4595 Updates [ADV-520] <internal> several minor tweaks in CoreScan.
Revision: 4594 Updates [ADV-365] Localizations for new CorePost settings.
Revision: 4593 Completes [ADV-471] Adds settings to enable/disable the 'clear posting queue when the Auctionhouse closes' feature.
Revision: 4592 Completes [ADV-515] <developer> Exports QuerySafeName library function. Corrections and additional checks.
Revision: 4590 Fixes [ADV-519] Should avoid an infinite loop when trying to buy an auction that is no longer on the Auctionhouse.
Revision: 4589 [INF-75] Found a couple more errors in the updater script that led to incorrect data.
Revision: 4588 Completes [GLYPH-27] Grey out "current model" when Appraiser is not loaded, and change tooltip to indicate that this configuration is disabled. Also added header to the glyph valuation section to separate it from the new glyph configuration.
Revision: 4586 Merge [GLYPH-25] to mainline.
Revision: 4584 Fixes [ADV-515] <internal> Improvements to checking and creation of scan "query" record.
Revision: 4583 [INF-73] Fixes errors introduced into data by Informant Updater Script, issue 3 (apparently I can't use the short name, or it rejects my commit).
Revision: 4582 Completes [ADV-431] <developer> API.GetMatcherValue now takes an optional serverKey parameter.
Revision: 4581 Completes [UCUT-29] <developer> Undercut's GetMatchArray function now uses serverKey.
Revision: 4580 Completes [ADV-513] Changes print redirection to reference frame name rather than frame index and [ADV-514] Fixes the code that sets the print frame to the default frame when the user-selected frame does not exist.
Revision: 4579 [INF-66] Removes Sell-to-vendor value from Informant, and eliminates any reference to a database entry for it, now reliant completely on the game's API for this information. Does not change the way informant makes that information available to other addons, so no changes to outside addons should be necessary. [INF-73] Updates database for 3.3
Revision: 4578 Implements [ENX-121] - add option to auto loot manual disenchants, prospects and milling; also [ENX-110] updating the localized strings
Revision: 4577 Fixes [AAMU-129] - pass 1 for the count to ShowItemLink, instead of using an undefined variable
Revision: 4576 Fixing [INF-74] [ENX-124] - convert tooltip counts to numbers to avoid problems with bad parameters
Revision: 4575 Updates [ADV-283] <internal> Fixes a nil bug from recent changes
Revision: 4574 Updates [ADV-508] <internal> Fix global pollution
Revision: 4573 Updates <developer> [ADV-508] QueryImage now uses serverKey, [ADV-509] GetScanData now uses serverKey, [ADV-283] QueryImage's working code relocated to CoreScan.lua
Revision: 4570 Completes [GLYPH-24] Add slash command to toggle "hardminstock" flag.
Revision: 4569 Completes [APPR-291] Ignore side effects of stack size changes.

Previous commits (changes, enhancements, fixes):
Revision: 4566 Completes [MISC-74] Update of TOCs across the Auc Suite for 3.3.
Revision: 4561 Adds [BCNT-287] Adds option to send search text from BeanCounter to the auction frame.
Revision: 4559 [ADV-365] Update to latest Auctioneer localized string (plus [MISC-47] fix SVN props)
Revision: 4558 Fixes [ASER-255] SearchUI debug tooltip should now correctly report "Price higher than maxprice" where appropriate.
Revision: 4557 Fixes [ADV-510] Corrects function typo in CoreScan engineLib.Getname() to engineLib.GetName()
Revision: 4556 Fixes [AAMU-105] Added a close button to AutoMagic’s Mail Loader window.
Revision: 4555 Fixes [AAMU-105] Added a close button to AutoMagic’s vendor window.
Revision: 4554 Finishes [AAMU-128] The auto vendor window now has ignore, unignore, and remove this time only functional buttons.
Revision: 4552 Fixes [APPR-289] Old Appraiser price should no longer appear in tooltip after using "/auc clear [item]"
Revision: 4551 [ASAL-27] Fixes several problems in Stat-Sales to do with clearing items ("/auc clear [link]")
Revision: 4550 Completes [GLYPH-23] Negative make values no longer cause over-making glyphs to satisfy minimum stock.
Revision: 4549 Fixes [SDEV-20] After "/auc clear [item]", Stat-StdDev will correctly clear its internal price cache
Revision: 4548 Fixes [BCNT-286] The MatchBeanCount file will handle server key variable when passed via GetMatchArray. Changed serverKey split to use BeanCounter.API.SplitServerKey(serverKey) a duplicate of the auctioneer function.
Revision: 4547 Completes [ADV-506] <developer> Adds AucAdvanced.SplitServerKey function: groundwork for future changes.
Revision: 4546 SimpleAuction: Completes [SMPL-41] Will print any error messages from the Posting engine to chat. Fixes [SMPL-37] Post tab's Item count now ignores soulbound, damaged or other unpostable items. [SMPL-20] SVN file properties.
Revision: 4545 Completes [ADV-405] <developer> CorePost PostAuction now performs validation. Calling functions should check its return values for error codes.
Revision: 4544 [INF-72] Move InfData.lua into the Data folder with the rest of the purely data files.
Revision: 4543 Fixes [ADV-507] Blocks Auctioneer tooltip processing while the game is still loading. A workaround for certain loading errors.
Revision: 4542 Updates [ADV-468] <internal> Minor tweaks to CorePost and CoreAPI; groundwork for upcoming CorePost changes.
Revision: 4541 Adds [ADV-431] The BeanCounterMatcher will now accept a serverKey option. Allowing results for servers other than the current server. BeanCounter.API.getAHSoldFailed(player, link, days, serverKey)
Revision: 4540 Fixes [BCNT-285] Fixes BeanCounter.TidyUp errors. Corrects 2.11 upgrade code to no longer insert nil data entries. Adds 2.12 upgrade code that will correct current nil entries.
Revision: 4539 Implements [ADV-471] If the Auctionhouse is closed while posting, Auctioneer will ask if you want to clear the post queue
This allows users to abort posting if they are using the Post tab, or provides an alternative to the Cancel button if using the Appraiser tab.
Revision: 4538 Fixes [ADV-504] The Scan Progress bar now tracks "Processing Stage 3" correctly. Previously the bar would become completely filled before processing was finished.
Revision: 4537 Fixes [ADV-454] Add ability to show market price both per item and per stack. Reorganize market price options slightly.
Revision: 4536 Fixes [ILVL-20] <internal> Updates SVN properties to report correct version
Revision: 4535 ENX-104 - update infinite dust yields on LK greens to match Blizzard changes
Revision: 4534 [INF-69] Now with properly parsing Lua files.
Revision: 4533 [INF-69],[INF-70] Updates data to reflect changes with 3.2 and adds the feature in to show, for recipes, the item created by them and some basic valuations for them.
Revision: 4532 [ADV-450] Should fix an infinite loop when SearchUI tries to buy a Grey item that is no longer on the AH
Revision: 4531 Fixes [ADV-502] <internal> Improvements to tracking of scan statistics: fixes some stats that were reporting incorrect values, and implements some previously non-reported stats.
Revision: 4530 Completes [ASAL-20] StatSales should now handle Neutral AH correctly.
Revision: 4529 Completes [GLYPH-22] Fixes failure filter which was improperly filtering glyphs with zero sales.
Revision: 4528 Updates [BCNT-217] Adds a few new localizer strings
Revision: 4527 Fixes [GLYPH-19] Occasional error when Glypher UI hasn't been opened.
Revision: 4526 Fixes [GLYPH-19] Change default for "Use Ink Trader" to false.
Revision: 4525 Fixes [GLYPH-19] Fixes problem with some users/profiles not having dynamic updates to the slider text. Changed to color the text yellow/red instead of displaying warn/err.
Revision: 4524 Fixes [ADV-503] Auctioneer now detects Lockboxes and most other lootable items as not auctionable. These items should no longer appear in the Appraiser list.
Revision: 4523 Completes [GLYPH-19] Add "!Err!" or "!Warn!" to the slider legends when the configuration will not work or is illogical.
Revision: 4522 [INF-69] Index crafted item count by recipe number, not crafted item number
Revision: 4521 [ENX-123] != corrected to ~=
Revision: 4520 [ENX-123] Corrected disenchanting skill required for ilvl 152+ blue/rare items
Revision: 4519 Fixes [GLYPH-11] Removes unnecessary complexity in the minimum craft configuration/logic and removes the overstock feature.
Revision: 4518 Updates [BCNT-217] Adds a few new localizer strings, updated localizer changes to 11/3/2009
Revision: 4517 Completes [GLYPH-11] Adds configuration and logic for reducing crafting effort, and allows for overstocking hot sellers.
Revision: 4516 Partial of [INF-69] add code and minimal data to show items crafted by recipes, currently turned off in settings
Revision: 4515 Fixes [ADV-498] Minor tweak to allow reverse lookup without the costly linear search through the table.
Revision: 4513 Completes [GLYPH-17] Add slash command to show/hide Glypher window.
Revision: 4512 Fixes [GLYPH-16] Fixed lockup problem when opening the Appraiser tab when the Get Profitable function had not been previously run.
Revision: 4511 Completes [GLYPH-16] Added minimum price to the pricing model for 2-ink glyphs. Rearranged some code in the Get Profitable Glyphs routine to make it more logical. Added checkbox for debug tooltip information (default unchecked)
Revision: 4510 Fixes [BCNT-284] Corrects variable name id to itemID. While this does not cause an error, itemID is used as a fallback when we need to do a server itemlink lookup during data formatting.
Revision: 4509 Completes [GLYPH-14] When adding to ATSW with the "Use Ink Trader" option, Glypher now calls the proper function so that there is no recursion. Found that when Glypher queues many glyphs to ATSW that there is major lag, resulting in disconnects. Fixed this, but the fix requires that the user make a small modification to ATSW/atsw.lua which is detailed in a chat message. Fixed a previously "fixed" problem when hitting "Add to Skill" with an empty list.
Revision: 4508 Updates [SFIN-11] Tweak to try to avoid ScanFinish triggering when it shouldn't
Revision: 4507 Fixes [ADV-499] Posting Engine: if an auction cannot be posted due to lack of bag space to split a stack, Auctioneer will attempt to post all other auctions in the queue (to try to free up some space) before retrying the first auction again.
Revision: 4506 Updates [ADV-468] <internal> Laying groundwork for future changes. Adds some internal functions. Changes some internal data structures. Modifies existing code to use new features.
Revision: 4505 Adds [ASAL-26] Stats sales BeanCounter ignore list will be saved in the Auctioneer saved variables file.
Revision: 4502 Completes [MISC-73] Adding Auc-Util-Glypher to the build script.
Revision: 4501 Fixes [GLYPH-10] Tabs not spaces.
Revision: 4500 Fixes [GLYPH-10] Properly add up inks.
Revision: 4499 Fixes [GLYPH-10] Added total Ink of the Sea count to chat frame when finished with Get Profitable if you are using the ink trader.
Revision: 4498 Completes [GLYPH-10] Profitable glyph list now clears when Get Profitable or Add to Skill are pressed. Optional auto-clear skill queue when Get Profitable or Add to Skill are pressed. Option to use ink trader, if checked the skill window will not queue inks. Pricing model now allows ignoring competitor auctions <30m or <2h. Fixed the expired filter.
Revision: 4497 Fixes [SFIN-11] The ScanFinish Sounds/Emotes should now work with GetAll scans
Revision: 4495 Fixes [GLYPH-2] - playerName wasn't being set
Revision: 4494 [MISC-19] Fixing earlier-introduced bug in SearchUI where it often would NOT select an initial entry. (Due to it adding more than 1 entry as the first gui update)
Revision: 4493 Completes [ASER-243] <internal> Attach SearchUI Search button to the Tab click handler. Now able to remove one of the OnUpdate handlers.
Revision: 4492 SearchUI <internal> improvements to: [ASER-242] the Purchase/Purchase All button; [ASER-253] handling of mouseover popup tooltips
Revision: 4491 Adds [ASAL-26] Stats sales will ignore BeanCounter data older than the date a /auc clear <itemlink> command was issued.
Revision: 4490 Fixed [ADV-468] Tweak: 'locked' (greyed-out) items in bags should no longer prevent posting of different items.
Revision: 4489 Continues [ADV-486] Correction and small tweaks
Revision: 4488 [MISC-19] More locals, less GETGLOBALs
Revision: 4487 Fixes [BCNT-283] Corrects bug in new player database creation, new toons will be added to the BeanCounter DB correctly.
Revision: 4486 Fixes [APPR-281] If Appraiser columns are re-ordered, the column sort will be properly saved between sessions.
Revision: 4485 Adds [APPR-286] Adds Option to hide/remove appraisers tab from the AH frame
Revision: 4484 Adds [APPR-285] Duplicate Appraiser’s options that add data to the tooltips into the core provided Tooltip option panel.
Revision: 4483 Completes [MISC-72] Fixes issue in whitelist comparison where seller name is blank after GetAll matching an empty whitelist.
Revision: 4482 Completes [MISC-19] Optimize Auc-Stat-StdDev - Add a cache for .GetPrice() returns as StdDev was consuming 4 times as much CPU as other stats during a resale scan. It is now in line with the others.
Revision: 4481 Fixes [ADV-486] Improvements to the cache on Market Price; in particular clearing the cache when config settings change (as any change could potentially affect market price).
Revision: 4480 Continues [MISC-19] : Optimize Informant 1) Add weak-valued cache for :GetItem() since it's returning out tables anyway. Seems sensible enough, and indeed reduces RAM churn by x5 and CPU by x3. Cache cleared when we visit a merchant. 2) Rewrite GetSellValue() to always trust GetItemInfo() if it returns something. Only if it does not (item not cached), we go looking in Informant's DB. This shaves 99% of the remaining CPU load off from auc scans. 3) Plug several accidental global pollutions. 4) More locals, less GETGLOBALs.
Revision: 4479 Continues [MISC-19] CoreAPI GetMarketValue() 1) Rework the market price cache as [realm][sig]={data} rather than [sig..realm]={data}. Less string manipulation is good for the soul. 2) More locals, less GETGLOBALs.
Revision: 4478 Continues [MISC-19] Last commit broke realtime SearchUI. Fixing.
Revision: 4477 Continues [MISC-19] Optimize SearchUI 1) No longer updates the results lists for EVERY ITEM ADDED. List refreshing is now only allowed to use 10% of our CPU time. This results in a X10 SPEEDUP for queries that return a lot of data. 2) Misc other small optimizations.
Revision: 4476 Completes [ASER-216] Adds a descriptive label to the Pending Scans counter, plus a little rearranging.
Revision: 4475 Continues [MISC-19] BeanCounter Optimization 1) All files: More locals, less GETGLOBALs. 2) Misc little optimizations.
BeanCounter.lua Fix string packing to use table.concat() BeanCounterAPI.lua Change the searchCache to simply be a weak-valued table and let the GC handle it. Storing the last 100 search results statically seems wrong. MatchBeanCount.lua Wipe the cache on MAIL_CLOSED also. (Forgot to do this when I added the cache yesterday)
Revision: 4474 Continues [MISC-19] Auc-Stat-Purchased optimizations 1) More locals, fewer GETGLOBALs 2) Don't create a 5-entry garbage table every time .GetPrice() is called 3) I already added cache+fixed string packing earlier in this module
Revision: 4473 Continues [MISC-19] Auc-Stat-Sales optimizations 1) More locals, fewer GETGLOBALs 2) Hmm I have a sneaky suspicion I wrote the cache here long ago
Revision: 4472 Continues [MISC-19] Auc-Stat-Simple optimizations 1) Optimize private.PackStats using table.concat 2) More locals, fewer GETGLOBALs 3) Don't create a 15-entry garbage table every time .GetPrice() is called
Revision: 4471 Continues [MISC-19] Auc-Match-Undercut optimizations 1) Create a cache keyed on <given item + given marketprice>. 2) More locals, fewer GETGLOBALs 3) This fixes the #2 culprit in tooltip repaint CPU usage.
Revision: 4470 Continues [MISC-19] Auc-Stat-StdDev optimizations 1) Optimize private.PackStats using table.concat 2) More locals, fewer GETGLOBALs 3) Cache some of the string unpacking in .GetPrice()
Revision: 4469 Continues [MISC-19] Auc-Stat-iLevel optimizations 1) Optimize private.PackStats using table.concat 2) More locals, fewer GETGLOBALs 3) Cache some of the string unpacking in .GetPrice()
Revision: 4468 Fixes [BCNT-263] Adds nil safe checks to the cache check/add functions. Makes sure the beancounter GUI is visible before applying saved search query.
Revision: 4467 Completes [MISC-67] Optional DataStore integration for Auc-Util-Glypher
Revision: 4466 Continues [MISC-19] Auc-Stat-Histogram optimizations 1) Change the cache from stringpacking madness to plain old table. Sexy. 2) Optimize private.PackStats using table.concat 3) More locals, fewer GETGLOBALs
Revision: 4465 Fixes [BCNT-263] Adds check to search routine to postpone if beancounter's scroll frame is not visible
Revision: 4464 Begins [MISC-19] Add a cache to Match-BeanCount queries. Reduces CPU used by it by x100-x1000. It was also the #1 culprit in tooltip repainting lag (with matchers enabled).
Revision: 4463 Fixes [ADV-228] Changes text in some of the Posting warning messages to be a bit more informative.
Revision: 4462 [APPR-284] Fixes localizer for Appraiser's Ignore Seller popup dialog 'No' button.
Revision: 4461 Fixes [MISC-64] Check for glyph craft list before adding to tradeskill (within Auc-Util-Glypher).
Revision: 4460 Fixes [MISC-61] - was missing a "return false" in lib.IsValidAlgorithm(link) which was causing a problem
Revision: 4459 Completes [MISC-62] Add % undercut to the pricing model (within Auc-Util-Glypher).
Revision: 4458 Completes [MISC-63] Updated the maximum amount for "new" glyphs to 20 (within Auc-Util-Glypher).
Revision: 4457 Completes [MISC-68] Updated expired filter range; default to 30; allow disable (within Auc-Util-Glypher).
Revision: 4456 Fixes [APPR-283] Make Own Auctions feature a little more robust, to avoid certain occasional Lua errors after patches.
Revision: 4455 [ADV-468] Tweak: Reduce delay after a warning message gets displayed while posting an auction
Revision: 4454 Fixes [MISC-61] Corrected default variable name. Added fallback for GLYPH_TYPE. Minor formatting fix.
Revision: 4453 [ASER-238] Improves how SearchUI handles the Queued Purchases counter. In particular if the Yes/No prompt is displayed, that item (and its price) are still included in the counter, and clicking the Cancel Queue button will also clear the prompt.
Revision: 4452 [ADV-495] <developer> exports new functions laying groundwork for [ASER-238]
Revision: 4451 Fixes [MISC-61] return true if link is nil to make Glypher show up in default pricing model list
Revision: 4450 Fixes [MISC-61] nil default value, minor edit (within Auc-Util-Glypher).
Revision: 4449 Completes [MISC-61] Integration of Auc-Stat-Glypher pricing model.
Revision: 4448 Completes [ADV-489] Added help bubble.
Revision: 4447 Completes [MISC-59] Weltmeister's continuation of Glypher. *Welcome aboard, Weltmeister!
Revision: 4446 Fixes [ASER-249] Patches up an occasional Lua error at startup in General Searcher
Revision: 4445 Completes [ASER-248] Fixes a problem where sometimes SearchUI would try to bid 0c for an auction.
Revision: 4444 Finishes [BCNT-239] Minor code tweak to reduce # of gsubs run.
Revision: 4443 Updates [BCNT-217] Localizer strings from 9-10-09
Revision: 4442 Finishes [BCNT-239] Full neutral AH support added, neutral Auctions are now stored in their own per player DB. New filters added to search routines for API and internal searches. By default neutral trxn are not displayed use the check box to show with faction AH data or use teh select box to display ONLY neutral AH data.
Revision: 4441 Fixes [SMPL-40] The auto post on ALT + doubleclick will check to see if the option is enabled/disabled
Revision: 4440 [ADV-497] Fixes a problem with auctions getting incorrectly removed from the ScanData image, either after an incomplete GetAll scan, or by certain configurations of RealTimeSearch.
Revision: 4439 Fixes [SMPL-39] Reworks functions do the Alt+Double click posting method will use the proper default posting time.
Revision: 4438 Commits [ADV-493] second try Store the input value to pass along later via the callback. Avoids rearranging the order of execution, so we should have no explosions this time.
Revision: 4437 Reverts [ADV-493] AucAdvanced.SendProcessorMessage("configchanged", setting, value) change cause stack overflow errors in certain situations. Reversing change for further testing.
Revision: 4436 Adds [SMPL-38] Simple's Auctions POST auction tab is now removable via simples options panel.
Revision: 4435 Fixes [ADV-493] AucAdvanced.SendProcessorMessage("configchanged", setting, value) Is now called before we nil default values. So callback will receive the proper changes.
Revision: 4434 Starts [ADV-492] Adds first draft of a remove AH tab API. Pass an existing tab and frame and it will be removed and existing tabs will be resorted/reindexed.
Revision: 4433 [ADV-469] Improves CorePost to use BlizzAPI GetItemFamily; should improve posting when using spe******t bags
Revision: 4432 Continues [ADV-403] Removes references to "Auctioneer Advanced" from non-localized text strings and from code comments. Should have no functional impacts except to display of those strings. NB: there are still many references in our localized strings which need to be addressed.
Revision: 4431 [ADB-20] Adding the DbStatus.lua file to the ignore list.
Revision: 4430 [ASKP-23] Enhanced the /askprice send command to be a bit more clear. Its definition is now "/askprice send <Player> <#>[Item]", where <#> is the optional stacksize. The send command also now supports multiple items (just keep adding <#>[Item] blocks to the end). Also removed the pollution control message by masking the slash command creation. The /askprice send is also now more resilient to non-compliant commands. We still need to localize the error message though.
Revision: 4429 Adds [BCNT-278] BeanCounterMail changes were never committed.
Revision: 4428 [ASKP-23] Adds /askprice send functionality to AskPrice. Format is /askprice send <#>[link] Player, where <#> is an optional number to get the price for (ie, 5[Citrine] Yourtoon)
Revision: 4427 Fixes [BCNT-279] Removes Auctioneer only related code from initial BeanCounter creation, when we borrowed auctioneers configuration file
Revision: 4426 Adds [BCNT-278] Reworks data storage to better handle scaling suffix value items. Cleans up data storage function to remove outdated variables/layout from older methods.
Revision: 4425 Starts [BCNT-148] Adds API call to BeanCounter allowing external AddOns to prompt a player to permanently remove all records of a specific item from the database. BeanCounter.API.deleteItem( itemLink )
Previous commits (changes, enhancements, fixes):
Revision: 4424 Tagging 5.6 Release
Revision: 4423 Create 5.7 Branch to allow for work on next release.
Revision: 4422 Merge of recent fix of typo in BCNT.
Revision: 4421 How did this code ever work previously like this? *BOGGLE* Fix BCNT-277
Revision: 4420 Merge of recent changes including the reintroduction of the paging fix for the AH, which, apparently was changed during a hotfix or "something". Also fix to scandata to ensure it displays, along with the stack size, whenever it is loaded. Change to allow the BCNT frame to show when the AH is opened and to allow it to be resized. Some modifications to ENX localization framework, such as strings.
Revision: 4419 Reintroduce the PageOneReturn.lua since, it is quite apparent that the AH has returned to the old, broken behavior. Also, commented out the auto-disable code so that a new release is not needed for each build.
Revision: 4418 Reintroduce the PageOneReturn.lua since, it is quite apparent that the AH has returned to the old, broken behavior. Also, commented out the auto-disable code so that a new release is not needed for each build.
Revision: 4417 Fixes [BCNT-276] The External BeanCounter search window now has a small button in the bottom right that allows the user to drag the window making it wider.
Revision: 4416 Fixes [ADV-94] Auctioneer Classic has been decommissioned. Interaction between advanced and classic is no longer an issue. Command interface enhanced to show help according to which slash command triggered it, and to act upon auctioneer slash command.
Revision: 4415 Fixes [ADV-152] All code to routines found by GetAllModules are wrapped in pcall. Those places that looked at function outputs now will log to nlog the failure, the other locations just silently ignore the error.
Revision: 4414 ENX-118, ENX-110 - update enchantrix constants and baselines for 3.2, update translation strings
Revision: 4413 Fixes [SPRG-8] Adds percentage calculation to display. Thanks to Gregity for the code fix for this and SPRG-3.
Revision: 4412 Fixes [SPRG-3] Modifies time left to "Done" once scan is complete.
Revision: 4411 Implements [SDAT-6]. Stack size breakdown now always displayed. The old code tried to check for there being only a single stack size listed in the snapshot. If so, it would not display the stack size breakdown. Unfortunately, the dist.stack table is sparse, and so the return of #(dist.stack actually returns the size until the first non-existant stack (e.g. a 0 if there is no 1 stack, a 3 if stacks are (1,2,3,10,20), a 5 if they are (1,2,3,4,5,19), etc.).
Since there is no easy, clean way to count the table size for sparse tables, for the moment I've just removed the check altogether. If saving that one line becomes important down the road, we can add it another table iteration to do a count first.
Revision: 4410 Starts [ASER-244] The searchUI manifest window will now remember the sort direction and any column order movements the user has mad across sessions.
The columns can be moved by right clicking and dragging the header frame. ALT+Right click to resize a column
Revision: 4409 Merge of recent changes, including workaround in ENX to avoid tooltip issue, fix to tooltip from scandata, and fix so that purchases remove items from snapshot just after purchase.
Revision: 4408 Fixes [SDAT-15], corrects copy/paste error so that suffix and base totals are reported which match the PriceLevel breakdowns.
Revision: 4407 [ENX-120] - work around nil links coming into the Enchantrix tooltip handlers for now, leave them as separate tests so we can debug it once we have a reproducible case
Revision: 4406 Fixes [ADV-477] Returns treating very small result sets as a getAll. Also moved parameterized commit function to a private function as improper calling could corrupt/taint the scan data.
Revision: 4405 Fixes [APPR-277] Reverses direction of slider movement in Duration slider when using scrollwheel.
Revision: 4404 Merge of recent changes; BCNT change to allow use of external BCNT window while the AH is opened, removal of the paging fix in FixAH, and change to the disable code.
Revision: 4403 Removes the pageone fix as no longer needed.
Revision: 4402 Removes the pageone fix as no longer needed.
Revision: 4401 Update AH Page One Search fix for Live realm client version 10314
Revision: 4400 Adds [BCNT-274] BeanCounter’s External search window will be usable at the same time as the AuctionHouse window. It will only hide if the user selects the BeanCounter tab on the AuctionHouse.
Revision: 4399 Merge of recent change to BCNT to help in the recording of "failed" auctions.
Revision: 4398 Fixes [BCNT-272] Should make failed auctions record more reliably. Expands time window failed auctions will be matched against from 20 minutes to 4 hours. So we search 2 hours before and 2 hours after estimated posting time. Comments out a lot if debug code, debug will now ONLY report when a mail FAILS to record.
Revision: 4397 Merge of recent changes to help with BCNT's APPR integration and column sorting. Also change to ensure the setting to integrate/remove the SearchUI from the AH frame functions as expected.
Revision: 4396 Once more, with properties defined.
Revision: 4395 Adding in appropriate revision code for ##Revision.
Revision: 4394 Update Glypher TOC metadata
Revision: 4393 Fixes [BCNT-269] If user has rearranged the BeanCounter column order, the users last selected column to sort by and sort direction, will be properly applied next across play sessions.
Revision: 4392 Fixes [BCNT-268] Automated searches of BeanCounter while browsing the AH will display all checked filter options. The players current filter options will be used for API queries that lack the settings filter table.
Revision: 4391 Fixes [BCNT-270] Adds check to make sure we have a valid item before attempting to :match() when running the 2.09 bit of DB upgrade code. Would error if the itemIDName array was empty.
Revision: 4390 Fixes [ASER-241] The setting to disable SearchUI's integrated "Search" tab on the Auctionhouse should now work properly
Revision: 4389 Merge of recent changes, including change to INF to use new vendor sales price from the API, fix to ENX to display TT information correctly, and strings from localizer.
Revision: 4388 [ENX-119] - fix the link decoding to handle spell and enchant links
Revision: 4387 [INF-68] This replaces the database value with the Blizz-supplied value at the time of lookup. Still need to remove references to our database value, probably should also remove the display from the extra tooltip, which is now redundant. Finally, will need to remove the sell-to-vendor value from the database

None at present.