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Uploaded Nov 2, 2019
Game Version 8.2.5
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Auctioneer users,

The latest release for the Auctioneer Suite ( has been built for World of Warcraft 8.2.5 (Battle for Azeroth / Rise of Azshara) and WoW Classic 1.13.

This release includes the following changes since r6431:

* Update retail to TOC 8.2.5
* In Search tab, Time Left option now applies only to bids (so you can filter to just show auctions expiring soon)
* Enable colorblind mode for LibExtraTip and our money displays
* Get AskPrice working again
* Re-enable Enchantrix-Barker for use in Classic, get it working again
* Fix auction duration problem in BeanCounter in Classic
* Disable skill level on recipes for Classic
* Disable bag slots for Classic
* Remove Logoff and Shutdown code, since this is no longer possible from AddOns
* Remove dog bark from doorbell sound!!!


We're aware of the following issues, but are still investigating them:
* Unnecessary confirmation dialogs when posting items - we're having trouble duplicating this, so if it's happening to you feel free to join us in Slack and help us recreate it
* BeanCounter not tracking all failed auctions

The following issues in Classic are known, we're still working on them:
* Need to load out-of-date addons in Classic
* Faction AHs not yet supported in Classic - you should avoid using, or at least scanning, in both factions and/or the neutral AH with Auctioneer loaded to avoid messing up your stats



We are also looking for help getting the disenchant statistics right for Classic. If you have disenchanted at least 100 (and more is desirable) items, please consider joining us in our Slack channel and uploading your classic/WTF/Account/<ACCOUNT>/SavedVariables/Enchantrix.lua file for us.
Bonus points if you have lots of blue or purples you have disenchanted, or higher level items.


For the latest nightly builds, head over to our Downloads page ( to get it now. If you have any issues with our releases, please join our slack channel (linked at the same page) and let us know.   Thanks!