Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Oct 23, 2006

Owner: MentalPower

Auctioneer users,

We are pleased to announce the release of Auctioneer Suite release version 7.5 for WoW 7.3 (Legion), the "Tasmanian Thylacine". Available here:

Please note: upgrading to a 7.x version from a 5.x version will reset your BeanCounter history. We apologize for this, but Blizzard changed the format of their itemStrings in such a way that we have found no effective way to match historical BeanCounter entries with the current, new items.

There are still some issues being caused by Blizzard bugs which we hope will be fixed in future WoW updates. There may also be pieces of historical Auctioneer functionality that are still broken or which do not work fully or efficiently. If you experience issues or errors, please report them to us on our forums.

Changes from 7.4 Release:
* Updates for WoW 7.3
* Fix sound in Appraiser, SearchUI, ScanFinish, Enchantrix
* Cosmetic tweaks to CompactUI
* Some scanning tweaks
* Fix issue with tooltip insecure hooks

Known Caveats:
* Scanning - scanning is still often slow or unreliable. In addition to the normal Blizzard server lagginess which sometimes occurs around new WoW versions and expansions, this is because...
* CRZ sharding – one of the new Legion changes allows zones to attach and break up with other realms in order to maintain a stable population size. Unfortunately, this now sometimes occurs in the AH zones, and when it happens it can cause unintended side effects (read: errors, missing data, or silent failures) in the AH. There’s not much we can do about this except wait for a Blizzard fix.
* We have received reports of BeanCounter not tracking all auctions properly. We are still looking into this.
* Placeholder values for disenchanting percentages are in place, however exact values will continue to evolve as data is collected from the final Legion release