Auctioneer Cheapo searcher module (with transmog)

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Uploaded Oct 13, 2019
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20191013 r2:
- fixes the saved value of max price when using the transmog sets mode option. The 20191013 version from earlier today was saving (across restarts) the value multiplied by 100 (the internal use sets price limit) instead of the user entered value.
This change does not affect the behaviour of the addon under Classic WoW.


- TOC update for WoW 8.2.5
- allow saving max price and percentage factor across game restarts and relax those safety checks: no longer reset them at UI load, but if they are found to be set to invalid values when searching, they will then be reset.
- the interface tweaks from the 20190917 cosmetic beta version are also included.


20190917: cosmetic change: move the slider and the 'time left' selector above the fold, pushing down the price limit selector. I ended up using them much more than the price limit, so it makes more sense to have them there.
since it is only a cosmetic UI change and not a major functionality change, this addon version will only get released as 'beta'.

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