Auctioneer Cheapo searcher module (with transmog)

119,939 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 5, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

(July 4th, 2019) note for WoW patch 8.2.0: the addon version from March 2019 works without changes for patch 8.2.0 but you MUST update Auctioneer.


 This is a search filter module for Auctioneer. It is based on the vendor searcher but was modified to allow searching for items which are listed under, at or above the sell-to-vendor price. An additional "unknown transmog" filter can also be applied to the items listed at above-vendor prices.
Note: items below 100% vendor price are always included in the list of results to preserve the original vendor searcher behaviour.

   I recommend sorting on the Profit column at all times, even if it's negative profit, especially when searching in transmog mode because percentages relative to vendor price can vary wildly, some items can be priced at 5000% or even more relative to their sell-to-vendor value but the net cost (=negative profit) of the item could be just 30...50g.

  In transmog search mode an item with a price that's above the sell-to-vendor threshold will be shown in the list of search results only if it is usable as such but not collected as transmog. When the filter option checkbox to only show items that belong to a transmog set is active then the entered maximum price limit is also multiplied internally by 100 to catch more possible set items.
   If you want to filter out items with appearances known from another item then disable the "completionist mode" checkbox.

  The addon Can I Mog It? is also needed to help with the advanced appearance selection logic when looking for unknown random transmogs:

a) If "Can I Mog It?" is active then the searcher will use improved transmog detection logic with API calls to its functions when searching.

b) If "Can I Mog It?" is not active then fall back and use only the Blizzard default simplified transmog logic but please note that it WILL return weird results because this search mode was not designed to be terribly accurate, just "good enough". In this case a transmog search will only look for unknown transmog items for the currently active character class and level. If you want to search for missing transmogs for your other alts you should either log out and login on the correct character or install the "Can I Mog It?" addon - its database is needed for this. Also, appearances that are already collected but from another item are considered as "not known". The interface will also hide the filter option checkboxes that are only relevant for searches that use the "Can I Mog It?" helper addon (see screenshots): transmogs for other classes (alts), item sets and filtering out appearances known from other items.

  BEWARE that due to the limits imposed by Blizzard's GetItemInfo API call and cached server info replies you might need to press the "Search" button a few times, with pauses in between, before the game client caches enough server data so that the list of results is stable enough. The Blizzard functions have built-in limits for both the response time per item and a rate-limit for uncached server replies to this API call.  It is not possible to use the GET_ITEM_INFO_RECEIVED asynchronous event because this addon works as a stateless real-time filter and only during the actual search. Using the search button multiple times this way is recommended because of the game's behaviour of silently giving up to provide info about an item. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  Note that items without a sell-to-vendor price are not included in the results, neither for the normal search mode nor for the transmog search mode. Wowhead currently shows 63 such transmog items but the game does not allow any of them to be listed for sale in the Auction House. In addition, when Blizzard's API gives up to provide info about an item it will also be temporarily considered as having no vendor price.

 Please post problems as issue tickets on Curseforge

This addon is just a tool, decide for yourself if the item is worth buying or bidding on or just let it go.

(license: GPL2, same as Auctioneer. Note: old versions of this addon are tagged as archived on Curseforge and thus not visible on Curse/Twitch, they are not supported.)


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