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15.3K Downloads Updated Mar 7, 2020 Created Jun 26, 2013

Improve default TradeSkill UI.

374K Downloads Updated Dec 10, 2019 Created Mar 26, 2009

Assists in the valuation of items, finding the lowest buyouts and mass posting of auctions

344K Downloads Updated Aug 24, 2018 Created Feb 8, 2009

Track you WoW gold

72.3K Downloads Created Jul 25, 2015

TSM broker with an overview of your income/expenses/profit, as well as other currencies.

14.1K Downloads Updated Mar 29, 2020 Created Aug 5, 2018

Lightweight button that inserts and filters Scrappable items automatically.

69.6K Downloads Updated Mar 13, 2020 Created May 23, 2016

Currency Tracking is an addon to help you track the currencies you gained, showing the...

144K Downloads Updated Mar 27, 2020 Created Aug 9, 2009

Keeps your bags free of junk

103K Downloads Updated Dec 2, 2018 Created Nov 22, 2018

Displays possible rewards based on the creatures killed, as well as keeps score.

161K Downloads Updated Jul 23, 2018 Created Dec 27, 2011

Minimal enhancements for Auctionator addon

21.2K Downloads Updated Sep 4, 2019 Created Oct 10, 2010

Display loot in Blizzards Scrolling Combat Text with the Icon and the Name in the...

30.7K Downloads Updated Apr 4, 2020 Created Jan 14, 2012

LDB data source for currency flow

1.7K Downloads Updated Apr 4, 2020 Created Mar 27, 2020

Display per-hour gathering rates of items in a clean tooltip

5.3K Downloads Updated Jan 11, 2020 Created Jul 20, 2019

Extends the AutoVendor addon with some neat little features.

180K Downloads Updated Jul 17, 2019 Created Jun 9, 2011

Create enchantment scrolls with just one single click

45.5K Downloads Updated Apr 5, 2020 Created Jan 27, 2010

Tracks gold across all characters in the realm

7.8K Downloads Updated Sep 10, 2019 Created Sep 10, 2019

Sell all your trash loot with one click.

10.6K Downloads Updated Mar 11, 2020 Created Aug 18, 2019

Helps you get rid of the right grey items when your bags are full, and...

18.5K Downloads Updated Jan 18, 2020 Created Apr 6, 2016

Logging your sellable item drops with location, time and market value.

72.2K Downloads Updated Sep 30, 2019 Created Oct 17, 2011

Keeps track of current money and all your characters on one realm.

14K Downloads Updated Aug 25, 2018 Created Aug 22, 2018

Helps with scrapping and keeps track of what you get from scrapping