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478K Downloads Updated Apr 20, 2021 Created Nov 3, 2008

LDB display of currencies, gold totals and session / daily / weekly statistics for all...

99.6K Downloads Updated Dec 5, 2020 Created Jul 5, 2018

The ultimate in configurable inventory junk management!

296K Downloads Updated Dec 19, 2020 Created Feb 10, 2016

LootAppraiser Challenge Modul for Transmog Challenges accross server and fraction.

8.7K Downloads Updated Apr 26, 2021 Created Jul 24, 2020

Addon for master looting and bidding in GDKP raids

19.2K Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2020 Created May 19, 2020

Shows the vendor price when not at a vendor

40K Downloads Updated Mar 20, 2021 Created May 12, 2018

Sells Junk to Vendor automatically and automatically repairs gear

52.7K Downloads Updated May 2, 2021 Created Aug 20, 2019

Improved auction house using Blizzard art style.

59.3K Downloads Updated Sep 2, 2019 Created Aug 25, 2019

Sell your grey items and repair your stuff

49.2K Downloads Updated May 10, 2021 Created Jan 11, 2015

Aardvark. Your one stop sell, destroy and repair addon. Accept no substitutes.

77.6K Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2021 Created Oct 22, 2008

Track time to next level

427K Downloads Updated Aug 17, 2020 Created Sep 9, 2019

Shows the missing recipes/skills for a tradeskill and where to get them

33.1K Downloads Updated Nov 14, 2020 Created Apr 29, 2020

Adds Pricing Groups to AdiBags based on the selected price source.

39.8K Downloads Updated Dec 31, 2020 Created Jun 4, 2020

Tracks instance resets and payments, a simple helpful tool for any dungeon spammer

42.3K Downloads Updated Jul 30, 2020 Created Jun 1, 2020

See recent trades, trade history, and announce trades of items and gold. (9.0 release is...

10.9K Downloads Updated May 5, 2021 Created Dec 25, 2020

LST helps you restock or keep track of all your shadowlands base legendary items

142K Downloads Updated Jun 14, 2015 Created Jun 7, 2015

Module for TSM for creating Vendor operations and auto sell items (gray, too many expired...

42.5K Downloads Updated Mar 9, 2021 Created Jan 24, 2020

Provide Auction House scanner and add item prices to tooltips.

187K Downloads Updated Oct 13, 2019 Created Nov 10, 2014

searches for items which are listed near sell-to-vendor price and can also search for missing...

482K Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2020 Created Sep 5, 2016

Find and buy the lowest buyout Mounts, Pets, Toys, Appearances, and Recipes.

15.3K Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2021 Created Jul 2, 2019

Create enchantment scrolls with just one single click.