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42.6K Downloads Updated Sep 2, 2019 Created Aug 25, 2019

Sell your grey items and repair your stuff

4K Downloads Updated Mar 14, 2020 Created Jan 22, 2020

A full raid and everyone needs water! Or Healthstone! - Automatic trade addon

35.5K Downloads Updated Oct 5, 2019 Created Aug 20, 2019

Improved auction house using Blizzard art style.

11.8K Downloads Updated Oct 18, 2019 Created Sep 22, 2019

Lightweight Addon which displays your daily income and outcome on screen

304K Downloads Updated Sep 27, 2019 Created Nov 28, 2009

"Adds a button to the Merchant frame that sells grey items"

78.4K Downloads Updated Jan 13, 2020 Created Sep 2, 2017

A simple plugin for bagnon that desaturates and tones down garbage in your bags

62.6K Downloads Updated Jan 20, 2020 Created Jun 26, 2017

Crafting Reagent tooltip helper. Displays reagent source(s) and professions the reagent can be used for....

60K Downloads Updated Oct 26, 2019 Created Aug 30, 2012

Mark items for sale and they'll automatically be sold when you next interact with a...

61K Downloads Updated Mar 22, 2020 Created Oct 22, 2008

Track time to next level

122K Downloads Updated Jun 14, 2015 Created Jun 7, 2015

Module for TSM for creating Vendor operations and auto sell items (gray, too many expired...

148K Downloads Updated Dec 11, 2019 Created Mar 11, 2009

This addon helps you find better gear on the auction house (need AUCTIONEER-SUITE) using scales...

1M Downloads Updated Jul 7, 2019 Created Nov 19, 2008

Lightweight but powerful auction house interface

7K Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2019 Created Oct 10, 2019

A lightweight addon that tracks auction house data and improves the auction house interface.

97.3K Downloads Created Jul 25, 2015

TSM Addon to track your historical totals across characters/realms.

250K Downloads Updated Aug 3, 2018 Created Feb 10, 2016

LootAppraiser Challenge Modul for Transmog Challenges accross server and fraction.

144K Downloads Updated Sep 22, 2019 Created Aug 23, 2012

Increases the size of the vendor interface and adds search, filtering, and quick vendor features

107K Downloads Updated Mar 30, 2016 Created Dec 26, 2015

Automatic vendoring of Salvage Yard crates items

18.5K Downloads Updated Jan 18, 2020 Created May 12, 2018

Sells Junk to Vendor automatically and automatically repairs gear

203K Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2014 Created Jan 11, 2014

Tracks your professions CD's and provides a quick way to queue them.

15.2K Downloads Updated Mar 7, 2020 Created Jun 26, 2013

Improve default TradeSkill UI.