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647K Downloads Updated Jan 16, 2020 Created Apr 27, 2011

Makes your Scrap to glow in your Bagnon

557K Downloads Updated Dec 13, 2020 Created Aug 30, 2019

Auction house interface for classic

57.3K Downloads Updated Apr 21, 2021 Created Jan 13, 2019

Converts incorrect itemID imports so TSM can use them

133K Downloads Updated May 4, 2021 Created Sep 4, 2017

This is a simple plugin for bagnon that displays the label BoE on Bind on...

123K Downloads Updated Mar 9, 2021 Created Jun 15, 2019

A robust gold farming addon that keeps track of gold earned, GPH, total kills, KPH,...

114K Downloads Updated Mar 31, 2021 Created Jun 26, 2017

Crafting Reagent tooltip helper. Displays reagent source(s) and professions the reagent can be used for....

460K Downloads Updated Dec 10, 2020 Created Apr 27, 2018

Super fast auction house addon

74.2K Downloads Updated Apr 25, 2021 Created Mar 27, 2020

Display per-hour gathering rates of items in a clean tooltip

2M Downloads Updated Nov 21, 2020 Created Apr 18, 2009

Titan Panel [Currency]

175K Downloads Updated Mar 18, 2021 Created Dec 3, 2017

Shows info on your loot on screen, so you don't need to pause your farming!

313K Downloads Updated Aug 10, 2018 Created Jan 11, 2017

Gives price checks based on TSM data.

108K Downloads Updated Apr 29, 2021 Created Sep 2, 2017

A simple plugin for bagnon that desaturates and tones down garbage in your bags

32.1K Downloads Updated May 7, 2021 Created Jan 3, 2021

Auction house pricing data for your region and realm

227K Downloads Updated May 7, 2021 Created Sep 17, 2019

Auction house pricing data for your region and realm

182K Downloads Updated Sep 2, 2018 Created Jan 9, 2016

Sells grey items from inventory and repairs broken items if possible

26K Downloads Updated Sep 29, 2020 Created Jul 10, 2020

GDKP Addon that allows loot tracking and a bidding system for the entire raid

52.7K Downloads Updated Nov 24, 2020 Created Aug 19, 2019

LootAppraiser Classic

485K Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2020 Created Apr 22, 2007

A basic tool to track your monetary incomings and outgoings within WoW.

2.9M Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2019 Created Apr 20, 2008


25.4K Downloads Updated Apr 22, 2021 Created Jun 1, 2020

Records and saves data of looted gold value for dungeons and raids