Ability Team Tracker  - Track cooldowns of your party and raid members.

/att - Opens the option tab with settings and ability editor.


  • Tracks desired abilities and trinkets cooldowns of your party and raid members.
  • Inspects talents and gear of group members and shows only the abilities and trinkets that are currently in use.
  • Attach icons to party or raid frames (multiple UIs - Blizzard , ElvUI, Tukui, oUF, Grid2, etc..)
  • Support for 3rd party addon Masque -  change icons appearance and border style.
  • Plays a sound or shows a text alert when specified abilities are activated.
  • Set icons transparency and draw borders around them.
  • Change icons order for each specializations by changing ability showing priority.
  • Show a glow around icons for important abilities when they are active ( blizzard style icon glow )
  • Hide icons that are not active or not on cooldown. (only shows the icons currently on cooldown)
  • Supports up to 7 profiles with auto switching option that selects your profile based on your current specialization
  • Show only trinkets and racials in battlegrounds (can be used in conjunction with the auto-switch profile option).
  • Automatically syncs cooldowns with your party and raid members that are using ATT or Details for more accurate spell tracking.
  • Automatically switch to the Battleground profile when entering a battleground and revert to the previous profile after you exit.




To Do:  

  • Update abilities and modifiers for Dragonflight (done.. but always a work in progress).
  • Add more languages (feel free to translate locales/enUS.lua file in your language then contact me)



  • You can copy (clone) the settings from the "Main" profile (only) to any other profile using Import button in the Profiles Tab.
  • If you are upgrading from an old version or if you have problems do a full addon Reset (you can find the option under Profiles Tab).



  • 妖梦跑哪去了 (Aelfric) - zhCN translation / tester on WOTLK.


 If you like and want to support my work and future development you are welcome to buy me a coffee :) Enjoy!

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