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Armory has been released into the public domain on November 2007.
The project page can be found on

Thanks for using Armory. You can show your appreciation and support future development by donating!

==== v1.7.1 ===
TOC update
Adds sanity check to skill bar display
Contains a fix for Egan's Blaster ranged DPS calculation

==== v1.7.0 ===
Adds counts to action tooltips.

==== v1.6.2 ===
Adds missing crafts layout changes. (haste makes waste)

==== v1.6.1 ===
TOC Update

==== v1.6 ===
Adds support for wildcard (*) lookup of quests and items when using a private channel.
Contains a possible fix for an occasional taint error.
Contains a fix for "SendWho" failing when shift-clicking a player in the lookup frame.
Contains a fix for demon pet spells (need to summon each once to update).
Contains a fix for friends not being shown.
Contains a fix for requesting a crafters list when doing a lookup.
Contains a fix for materials filter on recipes.
Enables filtering crafts just like trade skills.
Fixes some minor UI issues.

==== v1.5 ====
Contains a fix for counts not showing for craft reagents.
Adds some sanity checks to paperdoll calculations.

==== v1.4 ====
Contains a fix for raid info throwing another error in the summary sheet.

==== v1.3 ====
Contains a fix for raid info throwing an error in the summary sheet.

==== v1.2 ====
Contains a fix for herbalism not showing up as a primary trade skill.

==== v1.1 ====
Contains fix for enchants not being found in LibRecipes.
Contains a fix for hunter pets with an unknown number of training points.

==== v1.0 ====
Initial release

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