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Sep 6, 2018

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AnS [Auctions]

What is it? A lightweight set of auction buying and selling modules for AnS.

All auctions are sorted based on Price Per Unit from low to high. For efficiency, it uses blizzard built in AH sorting and thus results are always returned low to high.

The scanning of auctions will only go 4 pages deep for two reasons: One efficiency and two to get a good peek at low to average pricing. There really is no need to scan all pages for buying, because as goblins we are always looking for the cheapest prices.

Buy Features

Use your filter groups as way to quickly search for buying. The filter group must have ids in it, otherwise it will not be visible in the list.

You can also put in a search string to find what you want. * Search string overrides selected filters currently (may change based on feedback)

Scanning must finish before you can buy. You can always stop the scan and restart.

Selling Features

It will auto scan your bags for items and list them.

Clicking on an item will scan for auctions, and also populate with pricing provided by the global percent string. * Clicking on an auction listing for an item, will set the price to that listing. * Double clicking an auction listing will instantly sell based on that listing price. * Use the left side to set a custom price and number of items to sell from the stack. * By default, it will set it to max stack size. * You can queue up the scanning of each item by going through and clicking on each one right after the other

Dragging an item into the auction sell slot will have no effect and will not be posted. Please use the list instead.


  • Add config option for a different percent string for selling and buying auctions.
  • Add an option for setting default stack size to sell
  • Add an undercut by ... amount

AnS [Auction Snipe]

A lightweight addon for WoW auction sniping; Relies on Undermine Journal for pricing.


Requires AnS

(Optional) Undermine Journal addon for percentage calculations.

(Optional) TSM for percentage calculations.

(Optional) Auctionator addon for percentage calculations.

TSM Server Market Data Caveat (1.0.2 - NO LONGER NEEDED IF USING AnS

If you were on version 1.0.1 of AnS, then you will need to revert the change or simply restore TradeSkillMaster_AppHelper to its defaults.



In TradeSkillMaster/Core/Service/AuctionDB/Core.lua after the following line:

local AuctionDB = ...

Add the following global variable:

AnsTSMAuctionDB = AuctionDB;


In TradeSkillMasterAuctionDB/TradeSkillMasterAuctionDB.lua after the following line:

TSM = LibStub ...

Add the following global variable:

AnsTSMAuctionDB = TSM;


  • Only ever loads the last page of the auction house for sniping and is refreshed as soon as possible.
  • Due to the above, there is no need to perform another search to purchase.

  • To filter out vendor items with unlimited quantities, will require a filter string of: tujdays ~= 252

  • Filters must be set before starting a sniping session

  • Changes to filters during a running sniping session has no effect.
  • To update filters stop and restart the session.

  • Pre-built filters for:

    • Herbs
    • Ores
    • Fish
    • Cloth
    • Leather
    • Enchanting
    • Armor
    • Weapons
    • Pets
    • Mounts
    • Recipes
    • Consumable
    • Containers

    • Allows for quick settings of:

    • Max Percent
    • Max Buyout
    • Min iLevel
    • Min Quality
    • Min Stack Size
    • Name filter for further refinement

    • Take it to the next level with custom filters, pricing strings, and filter strings

    • For a list of item types and sub-types to use in your custom filters, instead of item ids see:

How to Buy & Other Controls

Double click an auction list item, and ba da bing, ba da boom. It will purchase it if it can.

Or set a key binding under ESC -> Bindings -> AnS to buy selected auctions via another button.

(For Advanced Users) There is now a keybinding option to buy the first listed auction item.

Shift + Left Click allows you to temporarily blacklist a listing until the AH window is closed.

CTRL + Left Click allows you to temporarily blacklist the item type until the AH window is closed.

Selecting armor, weapons, or pets, will now display the dress up window with that item.

  • Want to use the key bindings through TSM macros instead? Use the following functions: /run AuctionSnipe:BuySelected() and /run AuctionSnipe:BuyFirst()

Filter and Percent/Pricing Strings

A percent/pricing string must end up as a single numerical value

A filter string must end up as a boolean value

Lua operators can be used on strings

>=, ~=, ==, <=, <, >, not, and, or, -, +, *, \

Predefined functions for use in strings:

first, check, iflte, iflt, ifgte, ifgt, ifeq, ifneq, avg, min, max, mod, abs, ceil, floor, round, random, log, log10, exp, sqrt

Predefined Item Variables:

vendorsell, percent, ppu, stacksize, buyout, ilevel, quality

Predefined TUJ Variables:

tujmarket, tujrecent, tujglobalmedian, tujglobalmean, tujage, tujdays, tujstddev, tujglobalstddev

Predefined TSM Variables:

dbmarket, dbminbuyout, dbhistorical, dbregionmarketavg, dbregionminbuyoutavg, dbregionhistorical, dbregionsaleavg, dbregionsalerate, dbregionsoldperday, dbglobalminbuyoutavg, dbglobalmarketavg, dbglobalhistorical, dbglobalsaleavg, dbglobalsalerate, dbglobalsoldperday

Predefined Auctionator Variables:


Custom VARS

Custom variables can now be defined in ESC -> Interface -> Addons -> AnS -> Custom VARS

All the same info regarding filter and percent strings apply to these as well.

Percent Shorthand Now Supported

You can do the following just like TSM:

10% dbmarketvalue 20% dbminbuyout


Filter and Percent/Pricing Strings Update:

As of version 1.0.4 you can use the following short hand operators:

lt (less than), gt (greater than), gte (greater than equal), lte (less than equal), eq (equals), neq (not equals).

Quality shorthand: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary

As of version 1.0.4 short hand for money is available as such:

25g5s10c 25g10c 25g 5s10c 5s 10c

Using Percent Strings

Percent strings should always return 1 numerical value.

Example of Percent Strings

avg of tujmarket and tujrecent


min of tujmarket and tujrecent


min of dbmarket, tujmarket, tujrecent, dbregionmarketavg


Using custom math in strings

You can use any of the standard lua operators for math such as: * (multiply), \ (divide), + (add), - (subtract)

0.25 * min(tujmarket,tujrecent);

Using Filter Strings

Filter strings should return a boolean value of true or false.

True means the item is valid and will be displayed.

False the item will not display.

Common Filter String Examples

(Shorthand operators are only available in 1.0.4 and above)

Only show auctions less than 50%

percent lt 50

Without shorthand percent < 50

Only show auctions with a ppu less than equal to 5g

ppu lte 5g

Without shorthand ppu <= 5 * 10000

Only show items with ilevel greater than 350

ilevel gt 350

Without shorthand ilevel > 350

Only show items with a stacksize of greater than equal to 20

stacksize gte 20

Without shorthand stacksize >= 20

Only show items that are rare and above

quality gte rare

Without shorthand quality >= 4

Combining More Than One Examples

quality common or better and ppu less than equal to 10g

quality gte common and ppu lte 10g

Without shorthand quality >= 1 and ppu <= 10 * 10000

iLevel greater than 350 and percent less than 50

ilevel gt 350 and percent lt 50

Without shorthand ilevel > 350 and percent < 50

One or the Other Examples

Only accept items that are less than 1000g or above 5000g ppu

ppu lt 1000g or ppu gt 5000g

Without shorthand ppu < 1000 * 10000 or ppu > 5000 * 10000

Only accept items with stacksize 200 or ppu gt 200g and ppu lt 250g

(stacksize eq 200) or (ppu gt 200g and ppu lt 250g)

Without shorthand (stacksize == 200) or (ppu > 200 * 10000 and ppu < 250 * 10000)

AnS Core Library

What is it?

It is a core library used for various things. But mainly for AnS [Auction Snipe].

It also handles the configuration and storage of custom filters and importing of filters from TSM groups.

More to come...


  • AnsCore (Handles loading of saved variables etc)
  • AnsCore.API.Filter (Auction House Query Filtering)
  • AnsCore.API.Query (Auction House Query)
  • AnsCore.API.Utils (Show pet battle tip, parse pet item link etc.)
  • AnsConfig (Handles config options etc, adding new custom filters, importing tsm groups)
  • AnsCore.API.Sources (Allows registering multiple price sources for filter / percent strings)
  • AnsCore.API.BagScanner (Scanning items in bags)
  • AnsCore.API.UI.Dropdown
  • AnsCore.API.UI.TreeView
  • AnsCore.API.UI.Graph


  • Cloth
  • Fish
  • Herbs
  • Enchanting
  • Leather
  • Mounts
  • Ore
  • Pets
  • Consumable
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Recipes
  • Container

UI Templates

  • AnsFilterRowTemplate (For filters listing)
  • AnsAuctionRowTemplate (For auction listings)
  • AnsAuctionHeadingTemplate (For auction sort etc)
  • SmallButtonTemplate

Font Templates

  • AnsFontOrange
  • NumberFontNormalRightBlue
  • GameFontLightGraySmall


  • Add more predefined filters for:

    • Ingots / Bars
    • Gems
    • Meat
    • Consumables
  • Create other addon modules:

    • Analytics
    • Crafting (Profits / Loss per Craft)
  • Even Bigger Goals:

    • Use my AWS server to pull down and cache real time 1-hour auction house snapshots (Currently just running an Unreal Engine Game Server).
    • Keep track of current avg and 3-day avg.
    • Integrate into custom MIT licensed electron app to get realtime updates from server via websockets.
      • Write to WoW saved variables.


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