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I just updated to 2.1 and stuff is broken

If you just updated through curse or twitch, then please restart your WoW Client first. As quite a bit has changed.

AnS [Auction Snipe]

A lightweight addon for WoW auction sniping


Requires AnS

Must have at least one of the below for retail: * Undermine Journal * TSM

In 2.1 Settings Have Moved!

Settings are no longer under Esc -> Interface -> Addons -> AnS

Instead use the new Minimap button to access all stuff AnS related.

Billis String in 2.1 for Classic

Define a custom source named minprice with value: max(dbmarket, vendorsell) or

max(ansmarket, vendorsell)

In the global Max Price / Boolean Filter or in a Sniper Operation Max Price / Boolean Filter: max(ifgte(ItemQuality, 1, minprice * ifgte(minprice, 250g, 80, ifgte(minprice, 100g, (minprice - 100g) * (80 - 70) / (250g - 100g) + 70, ifgte(minprice, 50g, (minprice - 50g) * (70 - 60) / (100g - 50g) + 60, ifgte(minprice, 10g, (minprice - 10g) * (60 - 40) / (50g - 10g) + 50, ifgte(minprice, 5g, (minprice - 5g) * (40 - 30) / (10g - 5g) + 30, ifgte(minprice, 1g, (minprice - 1g) * (30 - 10) / (5g - 1g) + 10, 0)))))) / 100, 0), VendorSell - 1c)

Note for 2.x Regarding Retail Max Percent

Max percent may need to be adjusted higher than necessary if looking for equipment with the same id and varying levels of iLevels. Since, the initial browse query filtering is based on the base item id in pricing in TSM / TUJ / Auctionator. However, the final filtering is based on the item id + bonus ids, but only if the initial browse group is considered. You can combat cases of this by using a operation that will override the percent check in the final case and filter out the lower ilevels that are not really deals.


  • Sniper Operations must be set before starting a sniping session
  • Changes to sniper operations during a running sniping session has no effect.
  • To update sniper operations stop and restart the session.

  • Pre-built Groups for:

    • Herbs
    • Ores
    • Fish
    • Cloth
    • Leather
    • Enchanting
    • Pets
    • Mounts

    • Allows for quick settings of:

    • Max Percent
    • Max Buyout
    • Min iLevel
    • Min Quality
    • CLevel Range
    • Name filter for further refinement

How to Buy & Other Controls

Double click an auction list item, and ba da bing, ba da boom. It will purchase it if it can.

Or use the new mouse wheel macro creation under Ans Minimap Button -> Settings -> Macro

Settings -> Sniper -> Price Source

The sniper price source must return a numerical value and can use Custom Sources as well in it.

The sniper price source is used for the default percentage calculations.

Settings -> Sniper -> Max Price or Boolean Filter

The max price or boolean filter here is the global version. Sniper operations ignore this value and use their own instead.

You can either return a numerical value here and it will work as a max price cut off, or return a boolean value such as: ppu lte 20g

Predefined Variables

Lua operators can be used

>=, ~=, ==, <=, <, >, not, and, or, -, +, *, \

Predefined functions for use in strings:

first, check, iflte, iflt, ifgte, ifgt, ifeq, ifneq, avg, min, max, mod, abs, ceil, floor, round, random, log, log10, exp, sqrt, eq, neq, bonus, startswith, contains,

Predefined Item Variables:

vendorsell, vendorbuy, percent, ppu, stacksize, buyout, ilevel, quality, tsmId, id

Predefined TUJ Variables:

tujmarket, tujrecent, tujglobalmedian, tujglobalmean, tujage, tujdays, tujstddev, tujglobalstddev

Predefined TSM Variables:

dbmarket, dbminbuyout, dbhistorical, dbregionmarketavg, dbregionminbuyoutavg, dbregionhistorical, dbregionsaleavg, dbregionsalerate, dbregionsoldperday

Most variants on TSM variables are also available such as DBRegionMarketAvg, ItemLevel, etc. in 2.1

Predefined AnsAuctionData Variables:

ansmin, ansrecent, ansmarket, ans3day

Using Predefined bonus function in 2.1

The bonus function will check to see if an item has a specified bonus id

You can pass it the following as an example: bonus(100,110g,0)

If the above has the bonus 100 then it will return the first value of 110g, otherwise it will return the secondary value of 0. If only a bonus id is provided and no values are passed, then it will return just true or false.

The function parameters: bonus(id,value1,value2)

Settings -> Custom Sources (Previously called Custom VARS)

Custom sources can be anything you want them to be and are case sensitive.

They can be referenced in any other area of AnS from operations to global settings.

Percent Shorthand

You can do the following just like TSM:

10% dbmarketvalue 20% dbminbuyout


Gold Shorthand

25g5s10c 25g10c 25g 5s10c 5s 10c

Example of Price Source

avg of tujmarket and tujrecent


min of tujmarket and tujrecent


min of dbmarket, tujmarket, tujrecent, dbregionmarketavg


Using custom math in strings

You can use any of the standard lua operators for math such as: * (multiply), \ (divide), + (add), - (subtract)

0.25 * min(tujmarket,tujrecent);

Boolean Filtering Examples

Only show auctions less than 50%

percent lt 50

Only show auctions with a ppu less than equal to 5g

ppu lte 5g

Only show items with ilevel greater than 350

ilevel gt 350

Only show items with a stacksize of greater than equal to 20

stacksize gte 20

Only show items that are rare and above

quality gte 4

Combining More Than One Boolean Examples

quality common or better and ppu less than equal to 10g

quality gte 1 and ppu lte 10g

iLevel greater than 350 and percent less than 50

ilevel gt 350 and percent lt 50

One or the Other Boolean Examples

Only accept items that are less than 1000g or above 5000g ppu

ppu lt 1000g or ppu gt 5000g

Only accept items with stacksize 200 or ppu gt 200g and ppu lt 250g

(stacksize eq 200) or (ppu gt 200g and ppu lt 250g)


What is it?

It is a core library used for various things. But mainly for AnS [Auction Snipe].

It also handles the configuration of all AnS related addons.