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## v1.10.0

* Initial 8.0 update

## v1.9.1

* Add command "/aa clear" to clear currently displayed page
* Bugfix for dropdown menu when no categories exist

## v1.9.0

* Update for 7.3
* 7.3 removed the ability for an addon to check which ranks has access to officer chat, so this severly reduces the permissions default settings. Not a raid is only allowed by default if the raid leader is the guild leader. You can adjust your permission settings (either allow all, or manually enter a name) if thats not the case.

## v1.8.12

* Bug fix with method names conflicting with updated AceEvent

## v1.8.11

* New release to package updated lib files, should fix the issue some users were experiencing

## v1.8.10

* Small bug fix

## v1.8.9

* ToC bump for 7.2

## v1.8.8

* Fixed a bug with version checker sometimes incorrectly showing you have an old version

## v1.8.7

* Added option to have edit box font use same font as display font

## v1.8.6

* Small bug fix for chat output.

## v1.8.5

* Fix for displaying backdrop in 7.1

## v1.8.4

* Fixed bug when displaying assignments with growth direction down on 7.1

## v1.8.3

* ToC update for 7.1

## v1.8.2

* Added ability to set categories for other categories, so can have multi-layered categories.

## v1.8.0

* Added categories to help organize assignments. They are local only, and can be assigned by right clicking on a page in the list.
* Added shortcuts for class color escape sequences, ex: |cdruid or |cshaman (courtesy of brrnt)
* Added the ability to use a spell id for {icon ...} substitutions, ex: {icon 774} instead of {icon spell_nature_rejuvenation} (courtesy of bonermobile)
* Added configuration option to adjust line spacing in assignment display
* Added Demon Hunter class icon substitution, {demonhunter}

## v1.7.1

* Fixed bug with backdrops

## v1.7

* Updates for 7.0 (Legion) API changes

## v1.6.1

* Updated ToC for 6.2

## v1.6.0

* Update ToC for 6.1
* Added some text substitutions for chat output (courtesy of Timmeh)
* Added text substitutions {spell #}, {boss #}, and {journal #} (courtesy of Timmeh)
* Added text substitutions for class icons, ex: {shaman}

## v1.5.3

* Minor bug fix

## v1.5.2

* A few minor fixes

## v1.5.1

* Updated ToC for WoW 6.0

## v1.5

* Implemented ability to output current assignments to chat

## v1.4

* Implemented the option to display a background below assignments
* Assignments can now also be used in party/instance groups instead of just raids
* Added an option to change the color of the update notification glow

## v1.3

* Fixed an issue where non raid assistants were able to edit pages

## v1.2.1

* Improved support for names containing non-latin characters

## v1.2

* Implemented command "/aa send <name>" which sends the page with the specified name
* Uses hashes instead of timestamps to determine if a page has been updated. Fixes an issue where users would have their changes rejected if their system clock was not set correctly

## v1.1.3

* Bug fix for permissions when joining/leaving guilds

## v1.1.2

* Small bug fix for players joining a raid
* Minor bug fixes with event ordering

## v1.1.1

* Bug fix from last release

## v1.1

* Fixes for API changes in WoW 5.4.7

## v1.0.2

* Various minor bug fixes

## v1.0.1

* Currently displayed page is now cleared when the raid leader is changed
* Minor bug fixes for new permission system

## v1.0

* Implemented support for raids with non guild members. Pages will be accepted from any raid leader/assistant, if "Allow All" setting is enabled, or the raid leader is an officer in your guild, or if the raid leader is in your "Allow Players" setting.
* By default guild officers are no longer automatically given editing permissions, now they must also be promoted to a raid assistant.
* Updated version check output display.
* Implemented "Reset Position" function. Used to reset the assignment display position to the center of screen.
* While not in a raid, any player can now edit pages. The changes are not sent out to anyone until you later join a raid and then send or save them.

## v0.4.5

* Fixed bug during version check, where the list of players without the addon wasn't working properly

## v0.4.4

* Better fix for 5.4.2 Guild API changes
* Added OptionalDeps for when addon is being run without embedded libraries

## v0.4.3

* Fix for 5.4.2 Guild API changes

## v0.4.2

* Updated colors used for color sequences (ex: |cgreen)
* Some internal changes

## v0.4.1

* Added shortcuts for color escape sequences, ex: |cgreen which will become |cff46a546. Supports green, blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple.

## v0.4

* Added new {tank} {healer} {dps} icon substitutions to display role icons
* Added {hero}/{heroism} icons

## v0.3

* "Defaults" button in addon configuration screen now works
* Added '/aa' opens the addon configuration window
* Added configuration option for normal font color

## v0.2

* Ability to highlight the group you are in. If you add "Group" to your highlight list, it will highlight G1/G2/etc if you are in that group
* Highlights are case insensitive
* Added config option to change highlight color
* Added a visual notification when the displayed page is updated
* Page backup system
* Alphabetically sorting pages in edit window

## v0.1

* Initial release

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