Angler Atlas - A fishing companion


Only available for Classic Vanilla.

Angler Atlas is a lookup tool for fishers to find the best locations for fishing using a clean bizz-like UI. 

The Data is grabbed from wowhead. ( Thank you WowHead! )

This includes additional information as well such as:

  • Per Fish zone info
  • Per zone fish loot tables
  • Per Zone catch rates
  • Recipes the fish are used in
  • Fishing equipment
  • Fish catch requirements (Time of day/year)
  • [Auctionator] Tracked raw and cooked fish auction prices

The information available for vanilla fishing is not complete enough to provide accurate catch rates as the data is only an overall average rate and does not take into account other factors such as time of year, time of day and the fisher's skill level. Catch rates can also change throughout the day. All of which are important variables to determine how to catch those rare fish. 

This tool aims to help keep you in the game instead of on a wow database website without giving you so much information that you have nothing to discover for yourself.

Auction prices are available with the Auctionator addon also installed.