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9.1.002 (15/08/2021)


For the past 4 months, I have been hard at work on a major UI overhaul, and I hope you enjoy the results.


My first goal was to migrate Altoholic's UI from the "old" auction house to the "new" one, which is something I had been looking up to for a long time.
But as I also have other add-on's in mind (3 of them are in the works, and 2 more are in the planning phase), it became clear that I would need to do something to speed up development.
So what started as a sandbox version of the new Altoholic has since become "AddonFactory", a small add-on that does nothing in itself, except provide a collection of templates and code to rapidly build add-ons.


Objects like the list of categories you see on the left of each panel are now super easy to manage, and I have already reaped the benefits of this approach while rewriting Altoholic.
Yes, you read it right, I did a full rewrite of the add-on, from scratch.
One of my secondary goals was to get rid of all the legacy code that had been there practically since the beginning, some of which I was not happy with.
Not everything was bad though, the most recent panels (ie: since Blizzard introduced parentKey's in XML), were already quite ok, but the older ones needed work.
Altoholic has always been a hobby project, but I felt it was more than time to professionalize the whole thing.


The whole thing results in a more robust framework, and way less sources of errors.
That is not to say that there won't be bugs (it would be pretentious to think so), but it will definitely be better than before.


"But Thaoky, I loved the old interface, will it be back ??" : nope, it's gone, forever. Out with the old, in with the new.


Now for the good stuff, here is what changed:


- Fixed a crapton of bugs.
- AddonFactory : this is a new folder that is part of the package. It will be the core of multiple add-on's I will release in the future (nope, don't ask, not sayin' ;-D)
- Altoholic's UI now uses the "new" auction house layout.
- Altoholic's UI is now resizable !

- Summary tab: Introducing alt groups => you can now group your alts the way you like.
Ex: I have 24 alts on my main server, 12 are my mains, 12 are banks, I created 2 groups to separate them.
Check the help in-game for the details.


- Summary tab: Introducting bank characters filters => you can now mark an alt as a special type of bank.
Ex: Mark an alt as a mining bank, or a cloth bank, or both !
You can then easily find these alts back using filters.

Note: Both alt groups & bank character marks are just a first iteration, I do have more plans to expand on those features.


- Summary tab: Added an icon for "miscellaneous filters". Quickly filter alts that have mails, or mail about to expire, etc..
If you have more ideas about quick filters you'd like to see here, let me know !


- Summary tab: Added an icon for "bank characters filters".
- Summary tab: Added a count of how many characters/realms are visible, and a warning to check the filters if none are visible.
- Summary tab: Added several new views/columns.


- Characters tab: Changed the navigation by adding the list of accounts/realms/alts to the category list on the left.
- Characters tab: Everything now supports resizing, although admittedly I use more vertical space than horizontal (that will come where applicable).


- Search tab : Complete rewrite.
- Guild tab : Complete rewrite.


- Achievements tab : Complete rewrite.
- Achievements tab : The achievement lists have now been broken down in more subcategories than Blizzard provides.
I was tired of very long lists and achievements that were not grouped together as they should.
This is my attempt at making things better. If you find areas to improve, let me know !

Note : Feats of strength and Legacy are temporarily missing. Dungeons & Raids could be broken down in subcategories more (but it takes a ton of time).


- Agenda tab : Fixed a few refresh issues.
- Grids tab : Complete rewrite.
- Grids tab : The navigation has also been changed to use a category list.


- Options tab : This tab is completely new.
My goal with this was to move all the options to Altoholic's UI, and also to make room for help pages.
I strongly recommend you give it a look, and take time to read what's there, you might learn a thing or two :)


- Account sharing : Complete rewrite, and moved to the Options tab. Here too, be sure to read the "how to".
- Options tab : added icons for Discord, CurseForge, WoW Interface, and my e-mail address, so that you always know where to find me !


Known issues :

- Color coding at the Auction House is not working, will be back soon.
- Mousing over a gathering node does not display the counters in the tooltip, will be back soon.


Oh and to end up on a good note : if you are upgrading from a recent version (any release of 2021), you do not need to clean your saved variables.
Only Altoholic has changed, DataStore was only improved, so your data are good :)


How you can help :


- Test everything ! as mentioned above, it's a complete rewrite, I may have left out a thing or two.


- Achievements lists : check them in details, especially dungeons, raids, feats of strength and legacy, if you can help with those lists, that would be great.
They are in : Altoholic_Achievements\Services\AchievementsLists.lua


- Localizations : from now on I will stop using the Curseforge packager.


Making releases in the past has always been too much work because the add-on's structure, and releasing should be as simple
as zipping and uploading, but it's not, thus I'm done with losing time because of that.


As part of the rewrite, I also cleaned-up and split the localization files, which instead of all being located under Altoholic/Locales are now in all of Altoholic*/Locales.
Ex: text shown in the Options tab is in Altoholic_Options/Locales.

Note that some strings may exist in multiple files, since we do not know which tab the user will load first.
The rule is : if a string is used in a tab, it should be in its own localization file.

I did carry over most of the old translations, but there are some new ones.


Any help you can provide about this is welcome.

You can send me your work by mail of on the localization channel on Discord.
Join us on :


Well that's it, it may not seem like much, but it was a lot of work to get here.
Totally worth it though, one of the add-on's I am preparing on the side started reaping benefits in barely 2 hours of coding.
New features will hopefully come faster in Altoholic from now on.


I hope you enjoy what you see :)