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Filename Altoholic Classic
Uploaded by thaokyaltoholic
Uploaded Feb 9, 2020
Game Version 1.13.3
Size 1.33 MB
Downloads 16,767
MD5 8cad6f650acacda812081f988921da76
Supported WoW Classic Versions


1.13.001 (9/02/2020)


  • - Altoholic Summary : should be working fine, but limited to "account summary", "bags", "skills", "activity"
    - Altoholic Characters : should be working fine, except for the talents.
    - Altoholic Search : should be working fine
    - Altoholic Guild : should be working fine, but only contains the "guild" and not the "guild bank" since it did not exist in classic.
    - Altoholic Agenda : NOT WORKING, you should disable DataStore_Agenda.
    - Altoholic Grids : should be working fine, but limited to "Equipment", "Reputations", "Daily Quests", "Tradeskills"
    Reputations used to get their icons from the related achievements, which do not exist in Classic, so icons are bad/missing.
  • - DataStore_Achievements + Currencies + Garrisons + Pets : not supported at all in Classic
    (and thus not part of this package)
    - DataStore_Agenda + Stats + Talents : are provided as-is, they need to be adapted for Classic, they should be DISABLED in the addon list.
    - Other DataStore modules : should be working fine.
  • - Added the sell price of items in the tooltip, and an option to show/hide it.