Last Updated: Sep 19, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Aug 20, 2008

Owner: thaokyaltoholic

8.0.008 (19/09/2018)

- Added BfA factions. (Thanks AlexSUCF !!)
- Added BfA currencies.
- Added BfA emissary quests.
- Reworked the quest log.
- Some quest achievements for BfA were rearranged to better reflect a character's progress. If I made a mistake on the horde side, please let me know.
- Fixed the percentage of rest xp for pandaren to now properly show 200% or 300% depending on the mode.
- Reworked the way rest xp is displayed in the addon, there is now a tooltip giving more info about rest xp, including when an alt will be fully rested.

Note: I have spent a lot of time checking the values behind rest xp (almost every day for about 20 days in a row), following a few reports that the addon was not correctly returning this information.
It turns out that while there was no issue in the calculation itself, there was an issue in displaying it.
It also turns out that in some cases I was unable to determine, Blizzard sometimes returns an incorrect value for the rest XP.
I found out that on at least two of my alts, the rest xp returned was beyond the maximum rest XP.
Ex: On my 110 Monk, at 0/717k xp for that level, I should be able to earn a maximum of 3 times that amount (2.1M), yet the game returned me 2.9M
Same story on my 110 Druid. Some time later, I logged in again and values were correct.

What I can say is that this seems to happen for alts that you have not logged in a long time.
For example with the alts that I logged in right after BfA launch, to trigger the earning of rest xp, and did not play anymore for many days.
I took 2 horde alts, one that I logged in every day to check the rest xp (returned vs expected), and it was always correct.
The other (monk), I checked in parallel without logging him in, and after 7 days, it was ok, but after 14 days, I had this 2.9M incorrect value.
Go figure .. :(

So when in doubt, log in your alt again, as I really can't fix those cases where blue is wrong.