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This addon enhances the Blizzard standard set appearances UI and adds some features:


  • allows to show all sets from all classes
  • allows to show all sets from all factions
  • allows to show sets hidden by default
  • show faction icons for sets when available
  • show class icons for sets when available
  • colorize text according to class 
  • show completion statuses for multiple variants and classes at once
  • filter sets by expansion
  • filter sets by class
  • switch between different classes for same group of sets (eg. all Molten Core sets)

Made for the perfect completionist! 


All the available options can be accessed with /ats command (or through Interface->Addons tab)


This is my first addon so I'm still working out some technical details, I plan to polish it by following some feedback for users!


Some issue may arise in combination with other addons which enhance or modify the same frame and I'm not 100% sure about the all the highlight new transmog mechanics which WoW has by default is perfectly working.




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