4,943,446 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 10, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5

F. A. Q.


What is the completionist filter?
When turned on shows you ALL items you are missing the appearances from. Turn off if you only want to collect the appearance id.
What does ignore filters for BOE/BOA do?
This ignores all filters for any items that are Bind on Equip or Bind on Account. Turn off if you only want to see BOE items outside of your filter settings.
Why do I see unobtainable items?
We here at ALL THE THINGS strive to add every item known to man to the database. There is a filter to not show these.
How do I make the addon not pop-up when changing zones?
You would uncheck the Auto Mini List filter in settings, or you can make a macro to pop minilist up in current zone.
/script AllTheThings:GetWindow("CurrentInstance"):Show();
Why is ALL THE THINGS showing me recipes my character already knows?
Because we do not track recipes, instead we are tracking the item the recipe creates.
Why does ALL THE THINGS show me items I have collected from another source with Completionist mode off? One reason is if the appearance that you have collected is not transmoggable on the character you are on. If you have a hunter only piece, alternate appearances will still show up on your shaman as your shaman can not transmog the hunter piece.
Why do I not see any mounts?
There are some other mount addons that interfere with ALL THE THINGS ability to detect mount collection at startup. Please disable any you have, ReloadUI, and check to see if you now have mounts. ATT will cache the information so you are free to enable any addons you disabled.