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1.9.9b Release Notes

Contributions by Pr3vention:
- Added all pristine archaeology quests
- Added missing dungeon quests in The Botanica and The Mechanar
- Added more questIDs used for tracking
- Added some missing world quests to Zuldazar and Dazar'alor
- Fixed the area outside of Razorfen Downs and Deadmines dungeon to show the dungeon list instead of a continent list
- Fixed a couple breadcrumbs in Dread Wastes
- Fixed Magister's Terrace not showing its heroic lockout on enUS locales
- Fixed the Sky Ablaze With Cannonfire quest during Deaths of Chromie not being marked repeatable
- Fixed WotLK's Violet Hold not showing its heroic lockout on enUS locales
- Hellfire Peninsula quests and loremaster fully sourced for the Alliance


Contributions made by slumber:
♦ [GOB Bluth voice] BEES?!?!?
• TL;DR: Added a lot of Honeyback Hive stuff.
• Attached Rich Jelly, Royal Jelly, and Thin Jelly to Honeyback Hive reputation (they show as "not collected" until you reach exalted).
• Added the Crimson Skipper, Papi, and Sunsoaked Flitter pets to the Honeyback Hive section and the Pet Journal section.
• Added lots of Honeyback Hive-related tracking quests so they don't show up as "Missing in ATT."
• Removed Honeyback Hive-related items from the NYI section so their tooltips don't say they were never implemented. They were implemented! They exist!

♦ Added the last leg of the Alliance War Campaign questline.

♦ Added ["cost"] to... lots of stuff! Some holiday vendors are missing it entirely and I still need to add gold costs to pre-Pandaria vendors, but almost everything else should now have its cost displayed in its tooltip (for items that cost more than 500g OR are purchased with items/currency).

♦ Sourced a few uncollectible Legion WQ rewards (relics, necklaces).

♦ Attached ["classes"] to Legion class halls, so they should once again filter properly.

♦ Removed ["minReputation"] indicators from some War Campaign quests that no longer require reputation to pick up.

♦ Marked "Loose Parts" quests in Vol'dun as repeatable, so that it checks off once players have earned the pet.

♦ Added Firelands Timewalking common boss drops.

♦ Added Party Sync gear. You might ask, "How does one acquire this 'Party Sync gear'?" Who knows? It is a mystery. Do you have to be actively Party Syncing with a friend? No! Do you have to be a specific level or doing a specific instance? Doesn't seem like it! Kinda just seems completely random! Queue for stuff and you might get it! Or not! Enjoy your suffering! We all die!

♦ Added achievements/mounts for the upcoming anniversary event. (There's still some other stuff for the event that will need to be added.)


Contributions by sadidorf:
- Added the 8.2.5 Horde War Campaign Questline, Achievement and Title
- Added the long Heart of Azeroth Levle 65 Questline (3 Quests ..)
- Added the Questline in Darkshore Warfront
- Added all missing Horde Quests in Zuldazar
- Added some Brewfeast Quests

- Added the Tools of Trade Questline for Juwelcrafting
- Added the Skinning Quest to Dazar'alor


Contributions by Molkree
- fixed coloring typo


Contributions by TheCyberTronn
- Fixed typos in Sun Darter Hatchling secret steps


Contributions by JavierHimura
- Track repeatable quests as completed if it has been completed once

- Tons of repeatable quest improvements and data entry!

Contributions by Crieve:
- Mousing over the Shop icon now properly shows the Shop tooltip.
- The cache now ignores Marks of Honor for cost temporarily.
- Fixed the RecipeChecker issue. Apparently Blizzard was sending "TOYS_UPDATED" and spamming that event on login. Thanks, Blizzard.
- Now ignoring all refresh requests until after the addon has fully loaded.
- Harvested a new itemDB and SourceIDs.
- Selfie Filter Text.
- StartMoving no longer throws an exception when you try to move the profession ui.
- Fixed a bug where parser would try to reuse the same bitty list popup for quests that use the same name.