Last Updated: Jun 16, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.5


May 10, 2017

Owner: DFortun81

1.9.2 Release Notes
Contributions by Gaulish:
- Added Crucible of Storms Vantus runes to professions and the raid
- Sorted many discovered profession recipes to the proper places
- Many achievments merged. You will see many of these for your current faction only,
while in account mode.
- Added BFA mythic keystone seasonal achievments.
- Minor random quest updates.
- The Chosen is now unobtainable.


Contributions by Oxlotus:
- "Dark Iron Band" (Horde) has been sorted to the "Rebirth of the K.E.F." quest.
- "Band of Raptor Teeth" has been sorted to the "Plush Pelts" quest.
- "Manathirster Focus" has been sorted to the "Crystal Fury" quest.
- "Fleshrender Roc Essence" has been sorted to the "The Witchqueen" quest.
- "Chain of Bossing Around" has been sorted to the "Can't Hold a Candle To You" quest.
- "Explorer's Delving Loop" has been sorted to the "Titanic Showdown" quest.
- "Ormgul's Bug Sprayer" has been sorted to the "Ormgul the Pestilent" quest.
- "Riveted Choker of Delirium" has been sorted to Varimathras on all difficulties.
- "Recompiled Guardian Module" has been sorted to Maiden of Vigilance on all difficulties.
- "Memory of Neltharion" has been sorted to the "The Backdoor" quest.
- "Ironbull's Sacrifice" has been sorted to the "Rite of Blood" quest.
- "Betrayal of the Bloodtotem", "Frag's Core", "Torok's Heart", and "Stonedark Focus" have been sorted to the "Blood Debt" quest.
- "Frost Ram Exchange", in Dun Morogh, is now flagged as a Legacy quest.


Contributions by sadidorf:
Added the localization for objects for the German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese Clients

- Added Rings, Necks and Trinkets for the Legion PvP Seasons 1 - 7
- Reworked S10 Gear and added the Ensambles
- Added S10 Elite and old S11 Gear, Ring, Trinket and Neck
- Added the old S14 Gladiator & Elite Gear, Ring, Trinket and Neck
- Added WoD S2 & S3 Elite Plate Gear
- Added the item Phyrix's Embrace to Legion legendarys
- Sorted the Classic Leatherworking Crafables
- Added the T15 Thunderforged & Heroic Thunderforged to NYI
- "Agamaggan's Silent Tear" has been sorted to the "Agamaggan's Charge" quest.
- "Ebonlocke Band" has been sorted to the "Wolves at Our Heels" quest.
- "Ring of the Fool" has been sorted to the "Juice Delivery" quest.
- "Ghost Hair Band" has been sorted to the "Deliver the Thread" quest.
- "Yorgen's Boon" has been sorted to the "Morbent's Bane" quest.
- "Starry Band" has been sorted to the "Classy Glass" quest.
- "Jittering Band" has been sorted to the "Bear In Mind" quest.
- "Ring of Forgotten Causes" has been sorted to the "Stopping Kurzen's Legacy" quest.
- "Band of Demonic Guile" has been sorted to the "The Scythe of Souls" quest.
- "Tranquil Azurewing Band" has been sorted to the "Their Dying Breaths" quest.
- "Darkwater Tunic" (Azerite Armor) has been sorted to the "Storm's Judgment" quest.
- "Freebooter Shoulderpads" (Azerite Armor) has been sorted to the "Fairwind's "Friends"" quest.
- "Freebooter Tunic" (Azerite Armor) has been sorted to the "Proudmoore's Parley" quest.

- Added a breadcrumb tag to some of the "Learn to ride" quests and to some other quests
- Added some Horde BFA mining quests
- Added all missing quest in Undercity, Silvermoon City, Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar
- Added the daily cooking and fishing quest in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Silvermoon City and Thunder Bluff to profession
- Added a questline for the Brutal Armor for warriors (Legacy)
- Added the questline for the Dungeon 2 Set (Legacy)


Contributions by Iyanden:
- Added coords to Eastern Plaguelands rares and vendors
- Added coords to The Hinterlands rares
- Added coords to Searing Gorge rares (thanks Vandiel for adding to the update)
- Added coords to Western Plaguelands rares
- Added coords to Westfall rares
- Added coords to Wetlands rares
- Added coords to Cape of Stranglethorn rares
- Added coords to Northern Stranglethorn rares
- Added coords to Silverpine and Redridge rares
- Split legacy Redridge zone drops to their own file for later updates
- Fixed an incorrect achievementID in DMF


Contributions by mogwai:
- Removed many items from World Drop section that weren't actually World Drops
- Updated Feralas alliance quests
- Fixed Azsuna Profession zone drops so that only the mobs they drop from are shown in crs list / tooltips
- Removed several Inscription recipes from Azsuna and Val'Sharah because they don't drop there
- Recruit-A-Friend pets now won't show up in Pet Journal unless promotion items are enabled
- Added descriptions to Legion world drop tailoring patterns that only drop from certain types of mobs
- Added coordinates for some vendors
- Various minor additions and fixes


Contributions by Avezza:
- Added coordinates to NPCs in Warspear and Stormshield.
- Added all Jade Forest coordinates except for quests.


Contributions by slumber:
• Fully sourced Highmountain quests, added the Adventurer of Highmountain achievement criteria to the rares, and added coordinates for Highmountain rares/vendors.
• Fully sourced Wetlands quests. The achievement criteria sources may need to be tweaked; it was unclear if 100% of the quests in the zone were required or if some were optional.
• Fully sourced Westfall quests. The sourceQuests for the first achievement criteria may need to be tweaked; there were 2 quests that may not be optional.
• Marked a lot of daily things (Argus rares/chests, ToT dailies, and Fires over Skettis) as dailies.

Contributions by Pr3vention:
* Lots of housekeeping! (legacy function deprecation/removal, zones broken up into smaller files for maintainability)
* Added ability for more descriptive text for reputation requirements to be put on things
* Battle Pets in Kalimdor will now show their collected status in the tooltip window
* Elwynn Forest and Northshire quests now fully implemented
* Duskwood fully implemented: All quests with sources, coords and loremaster
* Ghostlands modernized and fully sourced with coordinates
* Added missing mapID for Telogrus Rift (#252), Forge of Souls (#254), The Lost Glacier (issue #316) and the Mag'har unlock scenario
* Fixed Deathknell quest "Shadow Priest Sarvis" to no longer show up for blood elves
* Fixed Firelands quest"Some Like It Hot" not being tagged as a daily
* Fixed Ruins of Gilneas quest "Vengenance for Our Solider" showing up for the Alliance


Contributions by Talonzor:
- Unsorted items cleanup
- Moved Mage, Priest and Warlock tier items to never implemented

Contributions by Crieve:
- Added the "Show Remaining Things" checkbox.
- Added Razorbeak Amulet to the quest Razorbeak Friends.
- Removed from micro-lag from QUEST_TURNED_IN. (micro for some, potato crushing lag for others.)
- Added coordinates for Valley of the Four Wind Treasures.
- Added a coordinate for Odd'nirok <Seer of Kril'mandar>.
- Added a programatic solution for showing the Infinite Timereaver in Timewalking Dungeons without duplicating the listing.
- Adjustments for Timewalking. Added the Infinite Timereaver to the Timewalking event catagory and attached it to every BC and Wrath timewalking boss. (non-raid)
- You can now make ATT play audio on the "sound" channel. Shifted around some settings to make room for the new options.
- Added the ability to apply scaling to the Main and Mini Lists from within the ATT Interface settings.
- Added coordinates for the Scroll of Resurrection. Adjusted the ordering of achievement criteria for rares in Drustvar. (criteria is always first)
- Moved WoW Anniversaries back to the Events header. Removed the blank "Assault" header.
- ATT no longer attempts to add a tooltip to PetBattleMaster tooltips.
- Unobtainable reasons now correctly appear on items with CRS attached to them. (/att itemid:16242)
- Fixed Heirlooms. They should no longer magically unreference their contents due to crappy, god awful Blizzard APIs. We are now caching the data required.
- Spikelash Dagger has once again marked Unobtainable.
- Artifact Relics now show whether or not you can use them on your Artifacts. (you need to cache them first)
- Maps with multiple mapIDs now highlight once again.
- Readded the Main List highlight for the zone you are within! (Per SakoDKSako's request!)
- Flight Paths are now consistently tracked like everything else.
- Deprecated the ability to apply notes to groups. It was a lesser used feature and was using a bit more overhead than I would like.