Have you ever wanted to see when your abilities are ready and don't want to look at your action bar? This is the addon for you! This addon will tell you when your spells come off cooldown through scrolling combat text! (As well as some other features) If you would like spell added or if there is a bug in the addon. Comment it on the github page here. sidamakid/ASCT-World-Of-Warcraft: Advanced Scrolling Combat Text is here! This addon is available on CurseForge! If there is a bug. Comment on the Curseforge page or here. Hope you enjoy the addon! https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/scrolling-ability-text (github.com) or on this page here and I will add it or fix the bug as fast as I can. 


Big changes: This addon was originally just for abilities coming off Cooldown. But now is for experience, armor loss, armor gains, resource loss, and level up text message. More features coming in the future!


You can use the slash Command in game to open to the options panel. -------> /asct


Localized for every client that GetLocale() supports.


More features will be coming along the way so always be on the lookout for new updates!


Scrolling Combat Text MUST be enabled for this addon to work. If it is not, the addon will do nothing.