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Adibags is now officially Deprecated, I moved this project to Betterbags

Link for Betterbag fishing


This will still work, but will die overtime.



Welcome to adibags_fishing.

This addon will add a sub-section in adibags just for all your fishing needs! This will put Lures/Fishing Poles/Hats/Boots and more from ALL expansions in 1 section. This however does not put fished items in there as thats for the other catagorys this will just contain fishing buff items and just fishing items.

How to use it

The addon is enabled automatically


/adibags (default) this addon is automatically enabled

What can we expect

More items adding trough the expansion. Did i miss an item ? Let me know below!

Suggest an item and i will get right on it!

Credits to the following people

Wowprogramming.com (for the stuff i learned)

If you want me to add something more please let me know and i will be right on it!
Found any bugs let me know!



Please create a ISSUE OR
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