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73,646 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 7, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.2

This is a filter for AdiBags that adds numerous new bag categories. It also moves bag groups to the top of bags when they are related to where you are. For example Anima and Conduits are sorted to the top when you are in your Covenant base; or Garrison items to the top in the Garrison. 

New Shadowlands Update: Now includes groups for Conduits and Anima.

The Zone Item bag groupings are:

  • 9.0.2 - Anima and Conduits, plus incomplete first pass of zone/covenant items
  • 9.0.1 - Scourge Invasion Items
  • 8.3 - Zone-specific items: Horrific Visions, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Uldum
  • 8.2 - Nazjatar items, Mechagon items, BOA gear tokens such as Black Empire, Benthic, and Timeless Isle
  • Heart of Azeroth essences and related items
  • Reputation items
  • Azerite Gear
  • Legion Mission items
  • Garrison items for followers, buildings, shipyard and more.

Most x.2+ patches come with a ton of new bag trash, creating a mess that's hard to sort. I created this so you can spot zone or activity specific items instantly, with the additional ability to break out BoA gear tokens (Benthic/Black Empire) to use or mail to alts. My favorite feature is the recently added "Current Zone First," which makes it faster to find items useful for where you are currently without digging through bag chaos.

The list of item IDs for some of the filters are mostly manual, so I'll update it with new patches, but if I missed anything you think I should add please send a message here. I welcome feedback for features or changes you might find handy. 

Also please check out my other AdiBags filter: AdiBags-Prior Expansions which filters tradegoods, consumables, low ilevel BoE and BoP gear separately from current expansion items. Includes groups for Artifacts, Legendaries, Heirlooms, cosmetic items, unopened loot boxes, mount drops, and pet battle goodies.

Remember: a tidy purse is a happy purse.

Eek! - Earthen Ring

Known Issue: Sometimes AdiBags doesn't realign the bags properly and you have to reload. I'm trying to debug this but I believe this issue is with the core addon, not my filters.

On reporting errors: I have yet to replicate the nil comparison error, and after hours of running around with no other addons enabled the only error I have encountered it the rare bag misalignment, which I think is because of functions I can't alter in the parent addon. Please download the v1.2.4 beta to see if the error is still present. Helpful information for debugging though, is client language (English, Spanish etc), other AdiBags plugins being used, and any other bag/inventory addons that might be conflicting. The more information the better. My plugin does tooltip parsing to deal with funkiness from the core API, so it's possible that may throw errors, and you may have items in your bags that I don't. Blizz is great at churning out complex systems, but they're not so great at consistency on the back end.


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