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The idea behind the action camera is pretty solid, but it's implementation requires a little to much micromanagement zooming in and out to be worth using... so I automated it!



v.20 is a slight redesign that retains yet expands on the old functionality.

"/acp config" opens a lightweight options menu to customize how the action camera will behave. 

ActionCamPlus handles three states:

  • On foot
  • Mounted
  • In Combat

In each of these states there are a few options that can be turned on or off such as:

  • Over the shoulder camera (the main actioncam effect)
  • Camera Pitch (vertical camera offset)
  • Enemy Focusing
  • Camera Distance Recall

There are also a few other things:

  • Variable transition speed: "acp ts <# from 1-50>"
  • Manual camera scroll speed: "/acp zs <# from 1-50>"
  • Support for Druids' Travel/Flight Form
  • Still fully toggleable: "/acp" or in the "Other" section of your keybinds menu.

Note: Addon Control Panel users can use "/acpl" or "/actioncamplus" for all the commands to avoid conflicts.

Please leave a comment if you have any problems or ideas for other features/improvements!