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What's this thing do?

Restores achievement spam to its former glory.

 Guild Achievement Messages

Before you grab the pitchforks and torches

"We don't need more spam!"

This addon will not repost achievements to your guild chat or increase achievement chatter for others in any way.

All it does is restore chat settings for both 

  • Proximity achievement chat. You can now hide them, move them to a different chatframe, change the chat color.
  • Guild achievement chat. You can now show them (hidden by default), move them to the chatframe of your choice, change the chat color.


What does it not do?

This is not a chat filter.

It will not filter addon repost of achievements in any particular chat.

If you missed seeing silly achievements your guildies are getting no matter where they are in the world this is for you.

If you are annoyed by the "random player close to me got x achievement" and want to hide them, this is also for you.

It will not spam or hide achievements for anyone else, it is personal chat settings added back to the game.

 Chat Settings