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AceConfigDialog-3.0 Attempt to index local 'group' (a nil value)

#482 By  GiantbearDEM

Created Mar 7, 2019 Updated Mar 7, 2019


Lua error:

My generated database structure:

My code:

The specific area in my code that makes the error pop up is when 'dbStruct' gets inserted in 'FF:addArgs()', it doesn't seem to like it when i use 'group'. When I specify 'inline = true' there it will work without error. My code finished running properly without error and produced the database shown in the pastebin.


Here's how the layout of the interface looks like:

Working layout with 'inline' enabled:

Error pop up without 'inline':


I should add the amount of tabs or the depth of the structure made no difference, same error.


If you require my addon to reproduce the error let me know.

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