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Feature Request: onSelect

#463 By  Vexxilus

Created Aug 24, 2018 Updated Aug 25, 2018


I would like to request the following changes:


In AceConfigRegistry-3.0.lua add the following table entry:


In AceConfigDialog-3.0.lua change the GroupSelected function to:

local function GroupSelected(widget, event, uniquevalue)
	local user = widget:GetUserDataTable()
	local options = user.options
	local path = user.path

	local feedpath = new()
	for i = 1, #path do
		feedpath[i] = path[i]
	BuildPath(feedpath, ("\001"):split(uniquevalue))

	if user.option.onSelect then
		GetOptionsMemberValue("onSelect", user.option, options, feedpath, user.appName)
	AceConfigDialog:FeedGroup(user.appName, options, widget, user.rootframe, feedpath)


This would allow for a simpler method of detecting when a user has switched which sub-group they are in so I can update which options should be displayed efficiently.  Otherwise I have to either use a "hidden" function that get evaluated every time an options is changed or my alternate solution.  Currently I have placed a fake option in each tab with a "hidden" function that evaluates when there is a tab change and then triggers an OnUpdate script that updates which options should be seen and then has to FeedOptions the whole thing again.


Basically these changes would allow me to reduce a page of ugly hackish code into an eight-line function that drastically reduces processing time.  I'm using these changes on my local copy and it makes a noticeable difference.  Imagine two tabs, one with all spells, talents,  and a bunch of items, and another with filters to select which of those are shown.  The list of spells, talents, and items only needs to be updated once when switching from the filter tab to the list tab.


If this request is denied then at least remove this bit from the current version of GroupSelected:

	local group = options
	for i = 1, #feedpath do
		group = GetSubOption(group, feedpath[i])

The variable "group" is not used so that loop is not needed.

Vexxilus   added a tag
  Aug 24, 2018
Aug 25, 2018

The way the options tables are designed is to define them completely and let the framework figure out which need to be currently displayed.

Trying to somehow detect which page you are on and then figuring out in your addon which options should be visible goes against that design, so I'm not sure what exactly that would gain us.

Aug 25, 2018

It may  not be useful to everyone but I don't like the current work around I'm using and I can't do it the way it was intended because it creates a brief but noticeable pause every time an option is changed.  It is a very minor change that may be a severe edge case but it does have a use.


Just to test I limited the spells and talents to the current player's class and used the "hidden" function to determine visibility.  Limiting the number of entries did get rid of the pause (at a loss of functionality) but introduces a new problem.  There are two filter modes, inclusive and exclusive.  When using the exclusive mode and changing a spell's options it could result in it being hidden on you.  To circumvent that I need to keep track of the current spell which is basically what I was doing but with tabs. My initial suggested change results in cleaner more efficient code for what I want to achieve.


This is what it looks like in practice:

local overrideTab
local overrideOptions = {
	type = 'group', childGroups = 'tab',
	onSelect = function(info)
		local tab = info[#info]
		if tab == overrideTab then return end
		overrideTab = tab
		if tab == "actions" then
		elseif tab == "filter" then
	args = {


Vs either this (which is run for potentially a 80 or more entries every time an option is changed and requires saving currentEntry in each "set" function):

local currentEntry
local function ShouldHideEntry(info)
	local actionID = info[#info]
	if actionID == currentEntry then return end

	local settings = addon.db.profile.override
	local filter = settings.filter

	-- Inclusive (OR)
	if settings.filterMode == 2 then
		for tag, actions in pairs(actionTag) do
			if filter[tag] and actions[actionID] then
				return false
		return true

	-- Exclusive (AND)
	for tag, actions in pairs(actionTag) do
		if filter[tag] and not actions[actionID] then
			return true
	return false


Or this (which also requires me to preserve, restore and otherwise work around hackElement in several functions including UpdateOverrideEntries and UpdateAvailableFilters):

local frame, overrideTab = CreateFrame('Frame', nil, UIParent)

frame:SetScript('OnUpdate', function(self)
	if overrideTab == "actions" then
	elseif overrideTab == "filter" then

local hackElement = {
	type = 'toggle',
	name = "H_A_C_K",
	hidden = function(info)
		local tab = info[#info - 1]
		if tab ~= overrideTab then
			overrideTab = tab
		return true

overrideOptions.args.actions.args.H_A_C_K = hackElement
overrideOptions.args.filter.args.H_A_C_K = hackElement

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