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AceConfig-3.0 Options Tables - Add more options for "select"

#413 By  Bullseiify

Created Jul 30, 2017 Updated Jul 30, 2017




i am currently thinking of 2 features that would be a good addition (in my opinion).


Feature 1: Jumping to the current selected value on a dropdown menue

Lets say i have a list with 100 entries (textures) and i want to see how each texture looks on my actual frame so i am clicking all entries from top to bottom. Each time i reopen the dropdown to select the next entry it starts at the top of the list so i have to scroll over a lot of values to reach the desired entry.


Feature 2: Adding a function that gets called when mouseover an entry

Would it be possible to add a seperate function thats called when mouseover a value? When clicking that value the set function would be called. This way it would be easier and faster for a user to see the changes on the actual frame. (Don't know if there would be runtime issues or overlapping function calls when hovering over a lot of entries in a short time) 

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