Accurate coordinates (DCoords)

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DCoords v4.x


Want the Warcraft Classic version?
Click here for DCoords Classic.


DCoords is a lightweight location & coordinates addon which:

  • A customisable location / coordinates bar for your main UI
  • Customisable location / coordinates for your minimap
  • Worldmap player and mouse pointer coordinates
  • Drag, scale, height adjust and alpha/opacity adjust of the Objectives Tracker


Settings / Options / Menus
To open DCoords settings you can do one of the following:

  • Right click on the coordinates bar
  • Type /dc menu
  • Press ESC > Click INTERFACE > Click ADDONS > Click DCoords


Want to see just the numbers on the main bar?
Untick show zone and sub zone.


Want to move the coordinates bar?
Hold SHIFT + LEFT CLICK and DRAG, or adjust in settings.


Want to move the objectives tracker?
Hold SHIFT + LEFT CLICK and DRAG. Make sure you enable this feature first in settings.


Want to adjust the settings (on/off, fonts, colour, location etc) of in the main Coordinates Bar?
Right click the coordinates bar to enter options and click on "Coordinates".


Want to hide, turn off or adjust the Minimap location bar settings?
Right click the coordinates bar to enter options and click on the "Minimap" option from the left menu.


Want to lower the load on your computer? or to change how often the coordinates update?
Right click the coordinates bar to enter options and select "Other" from the left menu.



Thanks for letting me know about bugs, please keep doing so, remember to let me know your settings, what you were doing at the time and how I can re-produce the bug.



Try and reset by typing /dc reset, if that fails message me via curse.




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This is where I need your support, if you like my addons, wish to keep them up to date, get access to additional features and more, become a patreon.

​Addons we currently develop and support are:

  • ​DCoords
  • ​DCoords Classic
  • DMouse
  • Better Objectives
  • Announce Target
  • Extra chat font size


Patreon members get access to:

  • DBars (Bartender alternative for classic - in development)
  • A possible revival of DGPS (was very usefull in the old days, could be again)
  • DMouse with additional effects

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