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Aanye XP is a Data Broker plugin for tracking experience and reputation.


  • Direct replacement for the default UI's experience bar and reputation bar.
  • Left-click to toggle between experience and reputation modes.
  • Right-click to toggle between four display modes:
    • current/total points
    • points remaining
    • percent complete
    • percent remaining
  • Zero configuration.

NOTE: Aanye XP is a LibDataBroker source only. You must have an LDB display installed to use Aanye XP.

(Aanye XP was developed and tested using the ChocolateBar display addon.)

Experience Mode

Experience mode detects characters at level cap as well as characters with disabled experience, and will minimize broker display text.

Reputation Mode

Reputation mode automatically tracks the faction selected in the main reputation window. Aanye XP even detects negative reputation goals and will adjust tracking to accommodate.

About the Author

Aanye, Guardian of Cenarius-US, has been around Azeroth in one form or another since 2007. A furry meat-shield tank by trade, Aanye spends most of his time in front of the Stormwind bank while younger, prettier adventurers have all the fun. Recently, he has taken an interest in the most esoteric of crafting professions: addon development.

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