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Hetzer Remodel



  • Remodels are a visual and "client only" mod. 
  • It only changes visuals on your client, only you will see the mod in game.
  • WG camo, emblems, and/or paint may not show properly
  • It does not change in game performance, tank will continue to look and perform as prescribed by the in game server attributes and be seen by all others as designed by WG.

More information about Grandpa's Remodels, additional screenshots, and over 100 other remodels can be found @ Grandpa's Mods for Lots of Stuff




Copy / Move the <tankname> .wotmod file to the World of Tanks / mods / <current game version>/ folder.

 If the file is a .zip archive, move the <tankname>.wotmod file from the archive into the World of Tanks / mods / <current game version>/ folder.


You Tube Video on How to install a .wotmod file