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Hawg's Unicum Pack 


This is a unique mod it is , All the mods been link together to run cohesive together as one  mod . Tons of hours has went into making the mods. Like most of Hawg's mods are made to remove information overload from battle.

Without Xvm !


This mod well improve your game play for sure!


Everything  that's is added for battle ,is to give you less Obstruction in battle and important information to help you  focus on the Important things ......the Battle..  This mod may not be for everyone, if you like to see Reindeers , Flying Monkeys or  Unicorns  in battle , this mod IS NOT for you.


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Whats In Hawg's Unicum Pack 


Hawg's Realtime Contours

Hawg's Target Arrow 

Hawg's Cap Circle

Hawg's Consumables, Shells & Equipment Informer

Hawg's Needle Damage Indicator V2

Hawg's Glass Damage Panel Angle Indicator Inner Lite

Hawg's Army Rank Mark Of Excellence 

Hawg's Mini Map

Hawg's Paint Ball

Hawg's 6th Sense

Hawg's 6th Sense Sound 5 beeps

Hawg's -Spg - TD - Passive Scout -Tactical Minimap

Hawg's Tank Carousel LED Lights.