Hawg's Alternative XVM + Gun Sights Pro

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HawgPen Files/ScreenShots


Real Tank Icon Year

FCM REAl_600.png

Fake Tank Icon Year

lowe 600.png

Tanks Top Speed    &    In battle Years

                                                   Armor Ticknes Indicator

Auto Aim Informer All Markers ,Blue crosshire will show when any is lock with Auto aim


                                      Personal Reserve Display

Change the Outline Color for Enemy,Team , TeamKiller & Platoon

Win Chance it will Recalculate when someone dies ,Hotkey  Numpad Slash /

Based On each Teams total WN8

                                                   WN8 & EFF

                                                Added HP BAR

  XVM Green Border,  or change to 25 others colors In HawgPen



Self Gun Sights Information

Target Gunsights Information

Armor Thickness,Green = Pen ,Yellow = Might Pen ,Purple = No Pen

 You must turn on Most GunSights function in HawgPen , Default is Off

  Gun Sights  You can turn On/Off any Gun Sights Function

Arty Gunsights

Arty Splash Sphere HotKey ( B ) 


Yellow Alt Gunsights


Blue Alt Gunsights

Hp circle on mini map Seen is default off ,Not seen Default On

                                           Daily Battle Record

Hawgs Tactical Spg ,TD , Passive Scott Minimaps Hot key M as Default can be change

Build your on ClanWar Tactical Minmap Or just Personal Tactical Map Hot key K as Default can be change

                              6th Sense Countdown 10 seconds


                                               Tanks Nation Flag


                                Hangar Daily Battle Record


                                      Advance Stats in hangar


Assign Personal Icons to any player even  Assign Personal Icon to yourself 

 71 icons to pick from



      Advance Flag Clock Flags will change when you pic Tanks

                                                       Alt  Clock  in HawgPen


                    Alt Camo Alt Clock  Push Hotkey Numpad 7 & 6



  Nation Flags will change with what nation tank you have pick



                                                Advance Carousel 



                                                 CAROUSEL Flags



             Hawg's  Contour  function  "Real Time Battle Score" 


30x XVM Zoom Implemented & Zoom Indicator

10 different power setting ( 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 27, 30 ) set up to 60X_____Zoom___ 

                                               Direction Arrow 

Direction Arrow

                                                      Damage Log



                                               EASY COLOR CHART

                                     IMPORTANT SPOT MARKERS

                                             FOCUS FIRE ARROW

              If you dont want to see stats don't activate XVM



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