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109K Downloads Updated Nov 13, 2014 Created Mar 29, 2014

Unlocks most of the U.I. frames to position them how you please

8K Downloads Updated Oct 24, 2015 Created Jun 27, 2014

ever been in a dungeon and wondered WTF Just Killed me? so you look at...

21.1K Downloads Updated Sep 30, 2015 Created Jun 23, 2014

Adds a vendor option to buy multiple items simultaneously.

8.2K Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2018 Created Feb 7, 2015

Minimalist chat enhancements

10.9K Downloads Updated Aug 15, 2014 Created Jun 13, 2014

'Pulses' your spell icon when it comes off cooldown

112K Downloads Updated Nov 1, 2015 Created Jul 4, 2014

Unit tracking for questing, leveling, and path mission and much more.

61.8K Downloads Updated Aug 5, 2014 Created Mar 21, 2014

Point arrows and mark low health group members to easily find them and line up...

39.2K Downloads Updated Sep 6, 2014 Created Jun 28, 2014

Nameplate addon with focus on performance, design and easy configuration

6.1K Downloads Updated Oct 3, 2016 Created Mar 7, 2016

Minimalistic UI Elements


  By   chckxy
10.4K Downloads Updated Aug 2, 2014 Created Jun 16, 2014

Make profit by flipping directoy on the CX and AH, or by crafting

8.3K Downloads Updated Jul 29, 2014 Created Jun 23, 2014

Little addon that changes pictures of craft catalysts books in GB.

7.5K Downloads Updated Oct 2, 2015 Created Jul 1, 2014

Sortable listing of all the items looted during the session and their total sell value....

4.1K Downloads Updated Feb 26, 2015 Created Jan 21, 2015

An addon to draw safe spots during Visceralus in Datascape

6.9K Downloads Updated Jul 5, 2014 Created Jun 26, 2014

LootBot is an automatic loot filter addon for Equipment, Sigils, and other item drops.

22.4K Downloads Updated Mar 9, 2017 Created Jul 14, 2014

Minimalist replacement for the loot roll window

20.1K Downloads Updated Aug 26, 2014 Created Aug 4, 2014

Yet another Boss Mod inspired by DBM,KBM.

4.4K Downloads Updated Jun 22, 2014 Created Jun 14, 2014

A HUD bar system for Wildstar

8.4K Downloads Updated Oct 22, 2014 Created Jun 16, 2014

Shows list of health bars of enemies aggroed/damage done

10.2K Downloads Updated Mar 30, 2016 Created Nov 28, 2014

An addon to automatically Equip the correct Harvest Tool for the node you're interacting with

121K Downloads Updated May 4, 2018 Created Feb 18, 2015

Boss Encounter addon for Genetic Archives / Datascape / CoreY83.