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14.09.2016: I am back again since a few month but it looks like I am not coming back to wildstar, so I declare my project canceled.

NikolaiKondich picked it up and is currently reworking it. Go for his version while mine is completely deprecated and non-working I guess.


Further more I wrote an inofficial statement (in german). It may be read here:



Latest Version: Beta 0.8.0 (10.01.2016 21:58 GMT)
14.01.2016: I am "off" for a few month which means the work on WBN will meanwhile be suspended. I guess I reached a half way stable state so this should be no problem.
Changelog 0.8.1:
=> People again are getting errors I don't get.
This little minor patch tries to fix this error:

...dStar\Addons\WorldBossNotifier\WorldBossNotifier.lua:305: attempt to index field 'commchan' (a nil value)
stack trace: 

If you were getting this error please tell me if 0.8.1 fixes it...

Changelog 0.8.0:
I did not work on WBN for a time and was on vacation in some mean time so I am note quite sure if a can gather up all things I changed...
* Added cool boss overlay icons to the teleporters in wilderrun (exiles only)

* Finally fixed the error many people were getting when logging in:

...dStar\Addons\WorldBossNotifier\WorldBossNotifier.lua:584: attempt to index field 'commchan' (a userdata value)
stack trace:
    ...dStar\Addons\WorldBossNotifier\WorldBossNotifier.lua:584: in function 'JoinICCChannel'
    ...dStar\Addons\WorldBossNotifier\WorldBossNotifier.lua:182: in function <...dStar\Addons\WorldBossNotifier\WorldBossNotifier.lua:135>

Never no more!
* Updated the way to window and its functionality. Dominions now only have a text guide. Exiles still have buttons (that now should work) to point you into the right direction for the bosses
* added a delay for the communication channel connection after login because I realized that I often have to reload the UI (after logging in) in order to make WBN work (all tough the communication API says that I am connected). Perhaps this delay will fix this problem.
* corrected some typos
* finally made the "auto join someone around you" utility work

Changelog 0.7.2:
* added error checking that perhaps resolves the issues some people are having
Changelog 0.7.1:
* minifix for the announcement bug

Changelog 0.7.0:
* Added a smart view window that can replace the notification button (see the options)
* Fixed bugs in
 - UI
 - donation form
 - Auto raid-join util (still experimental!)
* added spam block for the global chat announcements! Every announcement now starts a 30 seconds cooldown for every other player using the addon
* added version check -> you will now be notified about new versions of the addon
* changed the communication channel so old addon versions should no longer affect the current version negatively
Changelog 0.6.1:
* Quick fix for Mechathorn crashes

Changelog 0.6.0:
* I think I might have reached a solid working state of the addon
* Changed the Sound-set to something more comforable. No more loud and crazy "burping" (like a guildmate called it)
* Added more options (when you already used the addon before you might need to tick and untick the options again before they take effect)
* Added a donation function
* Added a help window to describe the addon if you are new to it
* Added a tool-window
-> this toolwindow contains a new function to automatically find a raid by people around you
* Added Button to remove all player names from the join watch
* Added a chat announcement button [A+] to demand people to join you -> this one also tells the spots left in your raid
* Join demand messages generated by the addon will now be directly displayed in the join watch list (right list)
* out of sync events that are on "farming particles" will now display how long they are already out of sync
* Now also other things can be announced in the chat (like when the boss is up...)
* Added time to the tooltip that shows the message in the join watch
* Minor Bugfixes..

Changelog 0.5.8:
* All windows are now moveable and persist their position (maybe you have to enable drag an drop first: Press ESC -> "Userinterface" (left Lower side) -> "Positioning" (the very right tab) -> Search "WorldBossNotifier" and tick the "moveable" checkbox
* Now there is a solid base for the "way to" guide window for dominion players too (thanks to Tialuna Warbride)
* changed ui layout a bit
* the sound which announces the wb threshold is exceeded should now not be spammed anymore
* removed the login error
* health calculation when boss is up should now be working better and should not be causing errors anymore when the boss disappears / spawns adds
* prepared the most desired feature that even out of sync data is spreaded under the clients. But it is not within this version yet
* increased the refresh rate of the addon
* made out of sync events less eye catching
* added a time display when the out of sync event was updated the last time, when it's  status is farming particles
* changed UI layout of the way to guide form
* the join watch now got a blacklist to ignore posts containing "join" and other words listed within the blacklist 
Changelog 0.4.x:
* Fixed errors
* Made notification Button moveable
* added option menu
* changed a few ui elements
* added a button to delete player names from the join watch list
* fixed function to reduce communication
* added structure to also support dominion players (data is not yet set accurate)
* added sounds (when a particle farming count threshold is exceeded and when there is a ready check (never no more getting kicked for being afk!)) 
* temporary removed health again: that caused errors and i need some more time to get this straight
* probably more thing I forgot about
Changelog 0.3.x:
* Events that are not out of sync can now automatically be announced in the global Channel 
* For each event that is not out of sync and currently farming and above 40 particles there will be another symbol beyond the notification button to get your attention
* When the boss is up you are now shown the left percentage of his health (when you are sent messages by an old addon versions this will result in ??%)
Changelog 0.2.x:
* Now all bosses are observed
* The main window does not pop up over and over again now -> you now get a notification Button to the left of the screen when there are any active events. The button opens the mainwindow you already know when you click it.
This button does also disappear when there are no events live.
* You can now click the boss entries in the left list to get a window that shows the way to that boss (currently only working for exiles)
* Joining via buttons click in the right list now should also work for french clients
* The addon should now be able to tell whether the boss is on cooldown or coming 
* Mainwindow's dimensions changed
* added indicator LED that shows if the addon is connected to the communication channel
* fixed bugs
What is this?
This Addon does both receive AND send worldboss-event notifications:
When you are at a worldboss Spot, you will (when you are using this addon only) notify other players who use it too about the current worldboss event's status.
As soon as one player's addon sends a notification, every other person who uses this addon will get the notification and the notification Button to the left of the screen or the smart info window will show up to inform you about the Worldboss event.
So brought to a point: This addon comes up with a notification to inform you about worldboss statuses. But in order to do this it need some one in a boss spot
Note 1: The more player using this addon, the better and more accurate it works.  
Further Features
* The addon also observes the "Global" channel for people writing something containing "join" (most people for example write "join me for scorchwing x/x"). As soon as the addon finds anything containing "join" it will display the name within the right box. You can hover the player's button to see the message he wrote and click it to automatically do a join. NOTE: This will currently only work for the german and the english game client! If you are french, please leave a comment and tell me the slash command you have to enter to join somebody's raid. I will then implement this so this will also work for a french client.
* When you received a "boss on cooldown" notification and all people who could send a notification leave the spot, the addon shows (by a red bar) that the event is "Out of Sync". It will calculate the rest time till the cooldown time is over then.
* Movable notification button that show the amount of current events
* As an alternative to the button you can use a smart window that directly shows information within a small frame (see the options of the addon)
* Configurable threshold of particles (when boss is in farming status) that should cause a visual and audio feedback
* Window guiding you to the boss spot (telling you which teleporter to use and where to go..)
* Automatically generated post to the Global Channel with boss status (for example: Scorchwing 13/75)
* Join Watch that lets you quick join the raids of other players
* readycheck and summon sound feedback (so you never miss the check when you are on desktop and got "sound in background" on)
* wilderrun teleporter overlay icons for KHG, MM and DS
Understanding the Addon (guided in a nutshell)
* The left box shows the events you got a notification about
* The right box shows people who wrote something containing "join" in the global chat. The people can be hovered (->show the message the wrote) or clicked (->instant join)
* a red button in the left box means: Event out of Sync which means you received a notification about this event but there is no one in place to keep the status of this event up to date for you
The Mainwindow

This window can manually be opened using /wbn
The Notification Button to the very left of the Screen (its moveable)

The smart view frame (also moveable)

The "Way To The Worldboss Guide Window"
It contains Buttons that can be clicked to show the typical Hint-Arrow to point you to the right direction.
Note: This currently only works for Exiles!
Known Issues:
* Sometimes bosses spawn multiple times in different phases. If two different players are standing at the same boss sight while in a different phase (they also wont even see each other) you as someone standing in Thayd (for example) will see the Boss info in WBN jumping between these different statuses. This problem seems to be unfixable! There seems to be no way to identify the Boss instance/phase you are seeing.

Thanks to:
- [VII] Reaper Goodstrom - for getting me some Boss IDs
-  Alice Little - for getting some information from a french game client
- Tialuna Warbride - for getting me many information on IDs of dominion teleporters and how to get to different boss spots and rewriting the way to guide texts
- Olivar - (from the Wildstar UI forums) for helping me with the communication channel
- Kleiner Abstecher - for spreading the message ;)
- Zorbital and valguss - for helping me to find the mistake that caused the failure within the JoinICCChannel function

<colgroup width="157"></colgroup> <colgroup width="133"></colgroup> <colgroup width="85"></colgroup>
Player Name Donation amount Faction
Fury Point 1p Exile
Baton ty cioto xD 5p Exile
Chi P 50g Dominion
Psycho Mantiss 10g Exile
Cana Cana 1g Exile

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