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What is it?

Wildminer is an addon that silently collects several data while you are playing.
Whenever you quit the game or you reload your ui it sends data over our website http://wildstar.datminer.com to add infos that are not stored in the dats of the game.
It is strongly advised to use the windows app that is distributed under our website that will take care of the uploading for you: http://wildstar.datminer.com/wildminer
If you do not use the app you can still contribute by sending us the file: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\NCSOFT\WildStar\AddonSaveData\Wildminer_0_Gen.xml by email to support@datminer.com
If you still have other questions, do not hesitate to hop in our public chat: https://www.hipchat.com/glHbEuJR3 

What are the infos you collect?

We are collecting the following informations:

  • positions of npcs, harvest points, datacubes, journals, etc..
  • drops and drop rates of monsters
  • spells cast by monsters
  • items/spells sold by vendors

Will it impact my gaming experience?

Performance wise, the addon does negligible work, and should not impact your framerate.
In addition, as we collect data, the memory we use is constantly growing, however we have a hard limit in the addon that prevents it for using too much memory, if it reaches this limit it will simply stop collecting until you stop the game or reload your ui.
On the upload side, you can set in the windows app to throttle the upload of the data in order not to impact your ping while pushing data to our server.

Thank you for your support! <3