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Provides a grid based listing of all the items you've looted during the current play session and their total sell value.  Also tracks the amount of money you've looted this session

  • Button to clear the entire list of items
  • Button to clear the current credits looted counter
  • Right Click a row to remove just that item from the listing or to blacklist it
  • Color coded item names based on rarity

Access the window with:  /wdil or through the Interfaces menu where you can pin it to your bottom bar

New in 0.5:

  • Added the ablity to blacklist items
    • You can review the blacklisted items in the options window and Ctrl+Click one to remove it from the blacklist
  • Added an option to auto-filter 0 value items
  • Adjusted to save values between sessions (you can still manually clear whenever you'd like)

New in 0.6: 

  • Added Date Added column -- format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm
  • Adjusted the headers to sort correctly rather than alphabetically
  • Sorted column and sort direction are now saved between sessions
  • When new items are added to the list, they are added in accordance with your chosen sort ordering

 New in 0.7: 

  • Added the ability to resize the window
  • System now remembers window size and position between sessions
  • Added tooltips to the grid listing

 New in 0.8: 

  • Changed grid interaction to right-click instead of ctrl+left click
  • Changed confirmation window to be a list view menu box
  • Added confirmation window to clear all
  • Corrected issue with auto-sorting of new items
  • Cleaned up timer calls

 New in 1.0: 

  • Added an option to reset logged data on reload (/reloadui, relogging, etc)
  • Added an option to only count dropped / looted money towards your cash earned this session

 New in 1.1: 

  • Added tooltips to the credit displays to indicate what they show
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the "Looted Cash Only" option from saving between sessions

Updated to use ChannelUpdate_Loot -- Please let me know if you see issues with the tracking