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WeightMate is an addon which lets you get a quick comparison of two pieces of gear based on personalised stat weights and preferences defined by you! It is capable of calculating weights based on base stats, secondary stats, imbuements,  derived stats and even stats from runes!


  • Track any stat in the game with a custom weight
  • Create as many different builds as you want for any class or role!
  • Quickly view item stat weights in tooltips along with the comparison to the item already in that slot for easy viewing
  • Import and export builds!
  • Compatible with VikingTooltip!
  • Track stats from runes or imbuements
    • Give empty rune slots a weight of their own!


Falcon777 has very kindly made a spotlight featuring this mod and EToolTips here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ps_LgJ_vbcQ.


WeightMate Main Page  NewBuilderWeightMate Example Build

You can now keep track of this addon and my other addons on my GitHub page


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