3,306 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 6, 2015 Game Version: API 9

The purpose of this addon is to assist Spellslingers in tracking Void Pact coverage for the raid.

VPtrack will place an icon (of adjustable size) on each player that currently has the Void Pact buff.  An optional timer may be enabled and positioned.

 -This is an initial release.  Reported bugs will be addressed quickly.  Feedback is welcome.  Please leave any feedback in the comments here.


Future plans:

  • Track all SS in raid to create a rotation for VP as well keeping the other SS informed of when somebody casts their VP.
  • Allow the user to select the font used for the timer option.
  • Allow the user to select the icon to use (currently defaults to VP icon).

Developed by The Weasel (Entity) (Guild: Nap Time)


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