4,113 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 29, 2016 Game Version: API 11

Most of the code is not written by me! 

Credit goes to legowxelab2z8 who made InterruptThat

and daita who edited that version InterruptThat API 10


This addon shares the cooldown of your utility skills with all group/raid members. Everyone who has the addon installed will see your cooldowns.

There are several filter modes so you don't see everyone's stuns when you just want to see the warrior's defense grids. You can also disable this addon so you don't get any messages but you still send your cooldowns to people who want to see them (default mode).

You will start seeing the cooldowns in the upper right corner once someone uses a skill that is valid for your filter mode. You can then move the frames where you want to see them.

Access the config menu using /uc



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