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Track Master
Track Master was a simple addon which will draw a line to a specific unit / position.

Use the command /trackmaster to open the track panel.


Track Master allows you to easily track places, currently the following trackers are supported:

  • Nearest Mailbox
  • Current Target
  • Current Quest (Click a quest in the mini log)
  • Waypoint (Rightclick the main map)
  • Focus Target

Additional Modules

  • Farming: Automatically tracks the nearest harvestable node to your current position.
  • Subdue: Automatically tracks your weapon when subdued (disarmed).
  • RareTracker by Tomed: Tracks nearby rare mobs & allows tracking via TrackMaster
  • Objectives: Automatically tracks the nearest path, quest & challenge objectives


External Tracking
You can hook Track Master up with your own addon using the following:


Apollo.GetAddon("TrackMaster"):SetTarget(unit, cleardistance, linenumber)


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